In a horrific incident reported from Gwalior, a 9-year-old girl was reportedly raped by her uncle. The post-mortem report showed that the victim’s 20 bones were broken and her face was smashed with stone. The matter came to the police’s attention after the child had gone missing for two days and the parents filed a complaint regarding the same.

After two days of frantic search, the 9-year-old girl’s mutilated corpse was found near the railway tracks. The body of the victim was found sans clothes and a huge stone was found nearby which had blood stains all over it, letting police suspect that the girl was sexually assaulted and then murdered using the stone as the weapon.

The brutality of the crime is such that we would ask our read to continue reading on their own discretion. According to a Times Now report, the minor victim was murder in such a way that 14 bones of her face were badly damaged with 6 skull bones also broken.

The report confirmed the police’s suspicion that the victim’s relative Kalla raped her and then smashed her face with a stone to make sure that she was beyond being saved or identified.

The incident is eerily similar to another incident reported from Kanpur where a 10-year-old boy’s eyes were gouged out and bones were broken after he was sexually assaulted.

The Facts of the Matter

Trigger Warning – Sexual Abuse, Assault

In a horrific incident reported from Gwalior, a 9-year-old girl was raped by her own uncle, who took her life in such a way that it is enough to make one’s boil curdle. The triggering incident came to the fore after the corpse of the victim, who had gone missing, was found near the railway tracks in the Madhya Pradesh city.

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Uncle took Victim to have Ice Cream

According to a Bhaskar report, the victim had been missing for the last two days. On the day the child went missing, her brother had returned home without him. The concerned parents asked about the victim’s whereabouts. To this the boy told his parents that their uncle took her to have an ice cream.

Meanwhile, after the uncle returned home, he told the parents that she left after he took her out for ice cream and chocolate. After searching for the girl in the locality and at nearby spots, the family took to the police station and filed a complaint.

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Victim’s Corpse Found

Based on the complaint, the police initiated a probe in the matter. After two days of search, the body of the victim was found near railway tracks. The eye-witness to the ordeal were shocked and horrified to see the depravity that was on full display.

The victim was sans clothes and next to her was a stone with blood stains. Her corpse was immediately sent to post-mortem.

Post-Mortem Reveals Triggering Details

The post-mortem report revealed triggering details regarding the case. In her last moments, the victim faced unimaginable horrors and trauma. The reports showed that 20 bones (14 on face and 6 in skull) were broken. The report also revealed that the accused used a heavy stone and bashed the same on the victim’s face, to make sure she couldn’t be identified.

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Accused on the Run, Rs. 25k Reward Announced

As of now, the victim’s uncle Kalla is being seen as the accused. Kalla is on the run and a reward of Rs. 25,000 has been announced for any information that may lead to his arrest. As many as ten teams have been deployed already to nab the accused.


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