In a bizarre news coming from Gwalior, a car owner burned his own car using petrol after recovery agents from finance company attempted seize it. According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, the man had bought is four-wheeler on finance, but was unable to pay the installments for the same. When the finance company intervened and tried to seize the car, the man in his anger set ablaze the car he bought. The incident was reported from the Bhind road in the Gola Ka Mandir locality, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

As the man set his car on fire, he claimed that if he can’t use it, no one else shall as well. The man, identified as one Vinay Sharma, fled the spot. A case was immediately filed against Sharma, and the search for him is on.


The current day and age of EMIs, credit-based living, and installments has us trapped like never before. Now, finance companies easily provide us with loans, and credit so that we can fulfill our aspirations. However, with high interest rates, there are hundreds of thousands of people who end up getting loan to pay up their former loans. This creates a vicious cycle which people find hard to get out from.

When push comes to shove, finance companies often resort to seizure of your assets till you can’t pay them back. This can put another stress in one’s life as their asset may be their only source of income.

Recently, a man from Gwalior took a drastic, and illegal action of dealing with finance company recovery agents.

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The Facts of the Matter

A car-owner set ablaze his own car using petrol and said that if he couldn’t use it, no one else will be able to do so. Reportedly, the man had bought the car on finance and wasn’t able to pay the installments for the same since a while. The incident occurred at the Gola ka Mandir Bhind Road, Gwalior.

“We Are Just Doing Our Jobs”: Recovery Agent Try Telling Accused

The company which provided the finance for the car sent its recovery agents to seize the car. However, the car owner came back with a bottle filled with a petrol. In a video gone viral, the recovery agents can be heard saying that they are just doing their job. Meanwhile, the man continues spilling streams of petrol inside his car.

Within a matter of seconds, a huge fire erupted and the car became a ball of fire. The car owner meanwhile had already made a run for it and fled the scene.

Watch Video Here:

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Car Was Charred Beyond Recovery

Soon, the police rushed to the spot and the fire was doused with the help of fire tenders. However, the car was charred beyond the point of any recovery. A Dainik Bhaskar report claimed that the registration plate of the car was MP07 TA-12. Further, it also reported that the recovery agents were trying to take away the car using an auto.

“Ab Le Ja Kar Dikha”: Man’s Words Before Setting Car on Fire

Reportedly, as soon as the recovery agents started shooting video of the whole ordeal, the car owner said, “Ab le ja kar dikha (try taking it away now)”, and spilled petrol inside the car. Several people passing by were also shocked in disbelief and took their phones out to record the freaky fury of the accused.

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Case Filed, Man on Run, Search On

Meanwhile, a few factory workers saw the car engulfed in flames and called firefighters. Soon, police also made its way to the spot of the incident. During the initial investigation it was revealed that the name of the car owner is Vinay Sharma and a case has already been filed against him. So far, the police is on a search for the man who’s absconding.