In a harrowing incident of animal abuse coming from Gwalior, an inhuman man brutally beat a dog to death for visiting his female pet dog regularly. The man used a heavy stick and hit the dog repeatedly all over its body till it stop responding. The merciless man also lifted a heavy stone and dropped it on the dog’s head even after it reportedly stopped responding. The entire incident was caught on a CCTV installed near the residence of the man. Visuals of the man using a stick and beating the mute stray dog ruthlessly have gone viral and triggered a massive outrage.

The news broke on the same day when another news of a pet dog saving its owner from getting kidnapped emerged. Incidentally, that incident was also reported from Gwalior.


A Madhya Pradesh man chopped off a dog’s leg after it bit his son, a Municipal Corporation staffer tied a dog and hit it mercilessly to death, 5 dogs were brutally killed in Ujjain and became victims of acid attacks, 2 women in Patiala tied a dog to their scooty and dragged it on the road.

These are just some of the recently reported incidents of animal abuse in India. Unfortunately, these incidents are not reported in National Crime Records Bureau. And the lack of data, leads to tongue-tied-twisted policy formation progress in the matter.

While there’s no official data on animal abuse, a report by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations claimed that between 2010-2020, as many as 4,93,910 animals were involved in incidents. The report further stated that about 1,000 cases of animal abuse were reported which included cases such as sexual abuse, cold-blooded murder, torture, maiming body parts, and assault by children.

In line with above mentioned cases, a new harrowing incident was reported from Gwalior, showing the depravity of human mind.

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The Facts of the Matter

The Article 51A (G) of the Indian Constitution states that it’s our fundamental duty to protect our environment and to have compassion for all living creatures. And yet, several incidents involving animal cruelty are reported. Recently in Gwalior, a stray dog became the victim of a man’s maniacal rage who ended up beating it to death for a trivial reason.

Reportedly, a man identified as Bunty, was caught in a CCTV camera ruthlessly beating a stray dog with a stick. The man continually hit the stray dog to a point that the dog stopped responding. However, this did not stop Bunty, who picked up a heavy stone and dropped it on the already deceased dead’s head.

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Pet Lovers File Complaint Against Bunty

The entire incident came to the light after it was shared on social media. Soon the video reached to animal rights advocate and pet lovers in the city. Gaurav Ahuja, Usha Singh, Shilpi Bhonsle – members of the Dog and Animal Society -took to the Hazira Police Station and filed a complaint against Bunty Bains.

The police filed an FIR against Banti. He’s now charged under the relevant provisions of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. During the preliminary investigation, it was revealed that the incident was reported from Char Shahar Ka Naka locality in Gwalior.

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How a Street Dog Became Victim to Bunty’s Rage

Reportedly, Bunty has a female dog as his pet. The deceased dog used to come and play with Bunty’s dog regularly which used to annoy him. He had reportedly shooed the dog several times away. On Wednesday, when he came back from the market and saw the stray sitting near the gate of his home, he lost his temper.

Bunty Bains let his rage get the better of him and he ultimately thrashed the dog so bad that the thrashing took its life. Meanwhile, the investigation to nab Bunty is still on. Station House Officer Manish Dhakad was quoted in a Dainik Bhaskar report saying Bunty is on the run and a search is on for him.


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