In a strange incident, a pervert thief was caught on video stealing women’s innerwear in Gwalior. According to reports multiple such cases have been spoken about in the past, and the claims were confirmed with the CCTV footage of the Gwalior thief.

After the unidentified thief’s baffling actions were captured on CCTV, a resident filed a complaint against him. Reportedly, the recent theft was committed on September 3. The unidentified pervert thief also stole Rs 500 that was kept in a kurta’s pocket.

According to reports, the unidentified suspect has been on an innerwear-stealing spree in the past few days. Finally, a Ghauspura resident Bhagat Kori filed a complaint regarding the man after catching him on CCTV.

The CCTV footage shows a man in yellow shirt and black-jeans roaming casually on the street of Gwalior’s Ghauspura locality. The man gets inside a residence, and after a few moments, can be seen emerging out with innerwear that he stole. He is seen walking away from the theft as casually as he entered.

According to local media reports, the perverted thief has his own modus operandi of committing the sleazy theft. He uses pipes to scale houses, jump on roofs of houses to steal the innerwear that have been hung on ropes to get dried up.

The Facts of the Matter

In Gwalior, streets are buzzing with the news of a thief that has caused alarm among people, especially women. Unlike most thieves, who would barge into a home and steal cash and valuables, this thief is known for his unique object of interest – women’s innerwear! The arguably perverted thief from Gwalior has been on a innerwear-stealing spree, which has caused locals to be enraged and outraged.

Recently, the thief was finally caught on CCTV cameras, and the skepticism about a thief stealing women’s innerwear turned into an unmistakable confirmation. The recent theft was reported from Gwalior’s Ghauspura area.

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What Does the Video Show?

The video of the theft shows an unidentified man in yellow shirt and black jeans walking about the street of Ghauspura quite casually. Soon, the man is seen exiting the CCTV frame and enter a home. A few moments later, the man can be seen coming out of the home with women’s innerwear in his hands. The man then walks away from the spot with no urgency or alarm.

Watch the Video here:

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Man has an Modus Operandi

It should be noted that the perverted thief doesn’t simply get in and out of houses with pockets filled with stolen women’s innerwear. The unidentified thief has a modus operandi, using which he has been able to steal multiple times without raising an alert Local media has reported that the man uses pipes to climb houses and establishments and then jumps on their roofs to steal innerwear hung on ropes and wires to be dried up.

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