On Saturday, a 22-year-old gym trainer has been arrested by the Delhi Police for allegedly stalking and harassing over than 100 women on Facebook and other social media platforms. The accused, Vikas Kumar, allegedly sent obscene messages and videos to women and harassed them.

About the Complaint

Police said they received a complaint of cyber stalking from a woman in the capital. The complainant claimed the accused was harassing her by sending obscene messages and stalking her online despite her telling him not to do so.

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Later, the accused also threatened the complainant, saying he knows her personal details. Amit Goel, Additional DCP (Southwest), said the Cyber team of the district contacted Facebook and found the accused made fake IDs to target women. All his details were found to be fraud.

The officer said that-

“We took out the phone number linked to the account and tried to trace it but it was with someone else. Our team then found that the accused lives near the complainant’s house.”

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When and how Kumar got arrested

Vikas Kumar was found and arrested from his residence. During questioning, Kumar told police he had made Facebook accounts posing as a woman to send friend requests to women.

The officials said that-

“We found three accounts with over 2,000 people in the friends’ list. The accused was stalking more than a hundred women. He would also make video calls to these women and flash them.”

The police later arrested Vikas, who told them that he originally is from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, but had lived in Delhi with his parents. He is a gym trainer in Dwarka and is addicted to watching porn, adding that he also confessed that he wanted to make friends with girls by creating a fake profile because of this addiction.

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The accused, which had made friends with over 2,000 people, used to send pornographic content to women and girls through these three profiles. And his three profiles were named as follows: Shital Thakur, Pooja Kumari and Shivani Gupta.