In a shocking incident, an Odisha-based groom and his family, recently walked as many as 28 km to a wedding venue, amid the driver’s strike that choked the entire state. Claiming that they had no option, the groom and his family resorted to taking the hard and slow way to somehow make it to the wedding venue, after which the wedding was solemnized. The entire incident was reported from Odisha’s Rayagada.

In the world of weddings, nothing can stop true love, not even a strike. Naresh Praska, a resident of Partibeda village, decided that his wedding would take place as scheduled on Thursday, even if he had to walk 28 km to reach his bride’s village.

With drivers of the hired private vehicles refusing to come, Naresh and his 30-member wedding procession took matters into their own hands and trekked the distance, somehow making it just in time for the scheduled wedding.

The groom’s itinerary went haywire when the drivers refused to come on Thursday, the second day of the driver’s strike. But with all the rituals at home completed and the marriage scheduled for 3.30 am on Friday morning, a go-getter Naresh decided to walk his way to the wedding venue.

According to Naresh, the journey was fun-filled, and no one was stressed, as in his community, people are used to walking long distances.

The Facts of the Matter

In a world where people struggle to make it to their office on time, there are some who are determined to walk the extra mile, quite literally. Meet Naresh Praska, a groom from Odisha who proved that love knows no bounds, even if it means walking 28 km to get to his bride’s doorstep.

Naresh, a resident of the tribal-dominated Rayagada district in Odisha, had everything planned for his big day. The baarat was supposed to leave for his bride’s village at 4 pm on Thursday, but fate had other plans.

The drivers of the hired vehicles went on a statewide strike, leaving Naresh and his family in a tight spot.

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Groom, Family Embarks on 28 km Journey

But Naresh was determined to tie the knot with his bride, and nothing was going to stop him. With his wedding scheduled for 3.30 am on Friday, he had no choice but to embark on a 28 km journey on foot.

So, he gathered 30 members of his wedding procession and set out towards Dibalpadu village.

The journey might have been worrisome for many, but Naresh and his baraat had their spirits high. They walked through the night, with a few pieces of luggage and items transported on two-wheelers.

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“Journey was Fun Filled”: Groom

It was a fun-filled journey, and no one was stressed, as in their tribal community, they were used to walking long distances.

“We started our journey around 6pm and reached Dibalpadu at 2am. The marriage was solemnised on the appointed time. It was a fun-filled journey and no one was stressed as in our tribal community wer are all used to walking long distances,” the groom was quoted in a TOI report.

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What is Going On with Odisha’s Driver Strike?

The Driver Ekta Mahasangh in Odisha has initiated an unlimited strike across the state since Wednesday to demand better social welfare measures, such as insurance, pension, and the establishment of a welfare board, among others.

On Friday, the commercial vehicle drivers’ strike in Odisha was suspended for 90 days after the state government pledged to meet all of their demands.


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