Netizens across the world are wishing Sonu Sood a Happy Birthday. On Sood’s birthday, let’s take a look at how the small-town Bollywood actor became the messiah of the needy. A few years ago, if one had to think of Sonu Sood, the image of a buffed-up Bollywood villain would have come to them. However, if one thinks of Sood, they would see the images of Sood extending his helping hand to thousands of people.


Sonu Sood’s name in today’s day and age has become synonymous to philanthropy, selfless kindness and deep empathy. On his birthday, the actor was humbled by a news of his temple being constructed in Andhra Pradesh. Such is the impact the Dabangg actor has left in people’s minds and hearts. The actor turned 48 today and innumerable wishes are pouring for him on his birthday.

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How Sonu Sood became the real-life hero during migrant exodus


But if one has to trace back a milestone incident which put Sood on people’s pedestals, it would have to be hm coming forward during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As the nation went into a suddenly-announced lockdown, citizens across the country were looking for a footing for the next few weeks.

Those privileged were somehow in a better position, but lakhs of migrants across the country were suddenly left with no choice but to return their homes. The subsequent exodus saw these migrants walking to their respective towns, in trucks, and on foot, and at times, even barefoot.

Starting His Own Helpline

The situation was grim, to say the least, and like a hero from the 70s masala Bollywood films, one man emerged. It was Sonu Sood. Sood put his financial prosperity and contacts to the best of use and arranged several buses for these migrant workers. Further, he also started a helpline during this period which connected the needy to the assistance they needed.

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‘Ghar Bhejo’ Campaign

Soon, the initiative picked up the buzz and the unnamed gesture became the ‘Ghar Bhejo’ campaign where the actor left no stone unturned to make the motive of the campaign – helping every last migrant reach his home – successful.

Reaching 45,000 People During Ramadan

In 2020, during the Holy month of Ramadan, Sood again won the hearts of netizens by initiating the “Shakti Annadanam” campagin. Named after Sood’s own father, Mr. Shakti Sood, the campaign saw as many as 45,000 people in the Mumbai city’s Bhiwandi region fed. In the campaign, Sood reached out to thousands of people and helped them with food rations and supply.

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Serving Every Person Who Reaches out on Twitter

As the COVID-19 pandemic took the entire nation by its throat, Sood continued with his philanthropy. It started off when people became aware of Sood’s commitment to serving them took to Twitter to ask him for assistance. From essential COVID-19 related supplies, to financial assistance for medical procedures, to food related assistance, Sood got all such requests, and rarely missed any of those requests. Sood personally responded each person and told them about the status of their request.

Arranging Hotel for Frontline Workers

Sood’s wide reach didn’t only get to migrant workers and financially unsupported. He also extended his help to frontline workers in Mumbai. Sood put his money on the table and booked a hotel in Juhu for COVID-19 frontline workers who needed temporary assistance for staying.

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Airlifting 177 Girls in Kerala Factory


In another incident, Sood helped over 177 girls that were left stranded in a Kerala factory due to the pandemic-induced lockdown. Sood booked the plane ticket for each girl, airlifted them and helped each of them go to their respective homes.

The Sonu Sood Charity Foundation

In the second wave of pandemic, Sood – who had acquired some experience related to philanthropy helped several people acquire oxygen, essential medicines and more. He did so by establishing his own philanthropic organization – Sonu Sood Charity Foundation.

With such gestures and all-encompassing assistance, Sood has become the messiah for the Indian common man. We wish Sonu a happiest birthday, and hope he reaches new heights in his professional and personal career.