In a baffling development reported from Haridwar, a groom was reportedly sued for Rs. 50 lakhs by his friends as he ‘ditched’ them and left the baraat early during the wedding. The groom in question was identified as Ravi, a native of Haridwar’s Bahadurabad village.

Ravi was reportedly sued for ‘defamation’ by his friends after he ‘ditched’ them and left with the baraat earlier than the scheduled time. The friends of the groom considered the groom’s actions as “attack” on their “dignity” and are now seeking Rs. 50 lakhs in damages.

According to reports, Ravi had asked one of his friends Chandrashekhar to help with handing out the invitations and other trivial matters. In the wedding invitation, it was mentioned that the wedding procession or baraat would leave at 5.

However, to Chandrashekhar’s dismay, the baraat left early as the wedding invitees had to return to their respective homes. This decision clearly didn’t go down well with Chandrashekhar who simply hired a lawyer and filed a defamation case.

Chandrashekhar claimed that he was “mentally tortured” by the people who he invited on Ravi’s instructions. He is not only seeking Rs. 50 lakhs, but also wants an apology within three days.

The Facts of the Matter

What is an Indian big fat wedding without some drama, some chaos, and a few people clearly unhappy with the way the wedding was held. On social media, jokes on a ‘fufaji’ or ‘chachaji’ making mountain out of mow hill during Indian weddings are incredibly famous due to their relatable quotient.

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Man Ditches Friend, Gets Sued For Rs 50 Lakhs

In Haridwar, a groom’s friend recently created buzz after he was unhappy that his friend ‘ditched him’. However, unlike most people who would have a discussion about the issue, the man filed a defamation suit of Rs. 50 lakhs against his friend aka the groom.

The incident was reported from Haridwar’s Bahadurabad area and the groom who was sued was identified as Ravi. his friend was identified as Chandrashekar.

Groom had Asked to Distribute Wedding Cards

It so happened that the groom had asked Chandrashekhar to distribute wedding cards and invite some guests on his behalf. Chandrashekhar agreed and distributed the cards. On the cards, it was clearly mentioned that the wedding procession (baraat) would leave at around 5.

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Baraat Missing, Friend Annoyed

However, on the day of wedding, Chandrashekhar and other friends of groom reached Ravi’s residence and were shocked to find out that the wedding procession had already left the residence. Annoyed over the fact that the baraat left prior to the scheduled time, Chandrashekhar called his friend.

Lawyer Brought into Mix

Over the call, Ravi tried explaining that some wedding guests had to return to their respective places and hence there was a last-minute change in the schedule. This clearly did not go well with Chandrashekhar, who instant of hashing it over a conversation, decided to bring a lawyer into the mix.

Allegations Hurled on Groom

A lawyer was soon brought in and Ravi was sued by Chandrashekhar and his friend claiming that they were mentally tortured by the people who Chandrashekhar invited on Ravi’ behalf ahead of wedding. Chandrashekhar also demanded Rs. 50 lakhs as a compensation for being defamed. Moreover, he wants that Ravi apologizes to him publicly.

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Uttarakhand Parents Sued Son, Daughter-in-Law for Grandchild

Back in May this year, a similar shocking development was reported from Uttarakhand where parents of a son sued the son and their daughter-in-law, demanding a grandchild or a payment of Rs. 5 crores. The couple in question got married in 2016 and since then the parents have been seeking a grandchild from them.


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