In a horrifying incident reported from Haryana, a 2-Day-old boy was eaten alive by dogs after being snatched from the general ward of a popular hospital in Panipat. Palpable tension is felt in the air of the city after the incident was reported from Heart and Mother Care Hospital. The hospital is located in Sector 13-17 of Ansal Sushant City F Block. The deceased boy’s mother was identified as Shabnam and father as Aas Mohammad.

Earlier on June 25, a pregnant Shabnam was rushed to the Heart and Mother Care Hospital to give birth to her newborn. At around 8.15 pm the same day, Shabnam welcomed her infant son in the presence of her husband Mohammad Aas.

Reportedly, Shabnam was recuperating at the general ward of the hospital on first floor. Earlier on June 27, Shabnam was surrounded by her husband, mother-in-law and aunt. The family members were sleeping on the floor while Shabnam was on the bed. Later in the night, Shabnam’s aunt took the baby beside her on the floor and went to sleep.

On the wee hours, a family member of the family was awake and was startled to find the baby not present around the family. Chaos ensued and family members tried to look for the baby. Soon, the baby was found getting nibbled by the dog outside the hospital.

The Facts of the Matter

Locals in Panipat are raising questions on the security of popular hospital Heart and Mother Care, after a newborn was snatched by a dog from the general ward, and was eaten alive by the canine. The incident transpired earlier on Monday this week. The hospital is located in Panipat’s Ansal Sushant City’s Sector 13-17. The baby was reportedly lying next to his aunt inside the hospital’s general ward when the tragedy struck.

Earlier on June 25, Shabnam was rushed to the said hospital to give birth to her baby. On the same day, at around 8.15 PM, she welcomed her newborn son in the presence of her husband Aas Mohammad.

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Infant was Surrounded by Family Members

According to a Dainik Bhaskar report, Shabnam was recuperating in the hospital’s general ward after giving birth to the newborn. On Monday evening, she, along with her husband, mother-in-law and aunt, was at the general ward located on the hospital’s first floor.

Baby’s Aunt Take him From Mother, Lays him Beside her on Floor

As the evening progressed, Shabnam closed her eyes on the general ward bed while her aunt, mother-in-law, and husband slept on the floor of the room. After the baby was fed, the family’s aunt took the child with her and laid him down with her on the floor.

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Baby Missing

Sometime around 2.15 AM, a family member’s sleep broke and was startled to see that the baby was not there. Soon, chaos broke in the hospital as all the family members started running helter-skelter looking for the baby.

Family Look for Infant, Made Shocking Discovery

The family members ran to all the corners of the hospital to somehow locate the child. This was when the family came out of the hospital and witnessed the horror that had transpired. They found the child in the mouth of a dog who was nibbling away at the torso.

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Questions Raised on Hospital’s Security

After somehow managing the dog to open its jaws and freeing the newborn, the family members rushed inside the hospital. Matters soon met its tragic end when the doctors declared the newborn dead. The newborn baby was sent for a postmortem.

The incident has raised questions on the hospital’s security. Family members and locals have been after the hospital and questioning them the state of affairs of the hospital.


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