In a horrifying news coming from Haryana, a girlfriend threw acid on a youth for ‘refusing to marry’ her. The man endured several acid burns and raised a complaint at the police station. After the complaint was raised, the alleged accused Manisha, was held by the police. The incident was reported in Hisar, a district infamous for crimes in Haryana.


Trigger Warning: Assault with Acid

Haryana somehow makes for the most flourishing state in country when it comes to crime. Arguably, there are a lot more crime reports that come from Haryana than other states with similar population. It’s interesting to note that for a state that accounts to only 2.06% in terms of population, is actually ranked in the top 5 of India’s crime chart. Recently, one more crime was added to the slew of crimes committed on a regular basis in Haryana.

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The Facts of the Matter

On September 2, Friday, a 23-year-old man was attacked by acid and endured severe burns on his body. According to reports, the youth was attacked by his girlfriend. Reportedly, the accused Manisha, was the victim’s girlfriend and also one of her distant relative’s daughters.

The girl – who allegedly met the survivor only a couple of times, proposed him for a marriage. The 23-year-old youth put the conversation on hold and claimed that he will not make such a decision without his family’s permission.

The disagreement somehow led the girl to throw acid on the youth.

Accused Girl’s Side of Story

Meanwhile, the accused had allegations of her own towards the survivor. According to the accused, the 23-year-old acid attack survivor had with him some objectionable pictures of her sister. She further claimed that she wanted the youth to delete the pictures.

The girl was ultimately booked by the Hisar police who acted on the complaint raised by the survivor. For now, she’s booked under Indian Penal Code’s Section 326 A (Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by use of acid, etc.).

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Similar Incidents of Girls Throwing Acid on Partners

It should be noted that attacking a partner for their disagreement in marrying is less rare than one would imagine. Earlier in October 2019, a Uttar Pradesh based 19-year-old threw acid on her boyfriend who had refused to marry her. The survivor, identified as Faizan, endured injury in his eyes and was reported in treatment before the news fizzled out.

Meanwhile, Faizan’s mother was reported by media to have accepted that the 19-year-old accused was in-fact in relationship with her son. She further claimed that the accused was insisting Faizan to marry her every day on phone call

On one morning Faizan didn’t pick up the accused’s call, and drenched in rage, the accused went on to throw acid on her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, the girl had claimed that the victim had allegedly been threatening her to marry him. The 19-year-old girl claimed that her boyfriend had certain objectionable pictures, which he would share on social media, if she chose to not tie knot with him.

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The Infamous Agartala Incident

In a similar incident from Agartala, a 27-year-old woman was booked for throwing acid on her boyfriend. The reason? The boyfriend had denied to marry her. According to reports, the couple had been together for about 8 years. However, when the survivor of the attack formed relationship with a different woman, the girlfriend lost her sense of morality.

Reportedly, the victim was rushed to the Agartala Government Medical College and Hospital. The man had endured several acid burn injuries, especially in his respiratory tract and even his eyes and nose.