A Haryana-based man recently shed tear of joy after being reunited with his mentally unstable wife after a period of 9 long tumultuous years. The heartwarming incident was covered by Indian Express recently. According to the report, the 55-year-old Haryana-based man, identified as Kehar Singh, finally met his wife who had gone missing nine years ago, thanks to the efforts of an NGO, run by Mohammed Mustafa.

Back in 2013, Kehar Singh was dealt with a pair of one of the most difficult cards one could be dealt with – losing one’s wife. Kehar Singh and his wife, Darshini, who raised five children, were anyway living under tremendous marital stress due to his wife being mentally stable. After looking for his wife for years, Kehar gave up on finding his partner, and lived with the void for the days, weeks, and months to come.

However, in a fascinating twist of fate, in 2018, an NGO called Thanal Home, received a call about a woman in bad shape roaming aimlessly. They took her in and tried to help her with counselling and treatment.

Darshini, who initially didn’t recall much about her life, was able to later give clues to Mohammed Mustafa about her life in Haryana. Later, Mustafa reached out to Darshini’s husband, and the couple was reunited.

The Facts of the Matter

Losing a partner to death can bring an existential partner to a person. However, losing them when they are still alive, can not only put a person in stress of finding their missing partner, but also leaves them wanting closure.

In 2019, NCRB revealed that as many as 4,22,439 women, and 2,70,433 men went missing in India. That’s over half a million people missing, their families in upheaval, and hundreds of thousands of cases going cold.

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Man Finds Mentally Unstable Wife Missing

While the matter is grim, there are certain cases where a person is reunited with their family. In one such incident, a Haryana-based man received the best new year’s gift – being reunited with his mentally stable wife, who went missing 9 years ago.

Kehar Singh, a resident of Rohtak, lived with five children and his wife Darshini, a mentally unstable woman. In 2013, Singh received a rude shock, after he realised his wife had gone missing. After months of trying to locate his wife, Kehar Singh gave up on the pursuit, and lived every single day hoping against all hopes that heis reunited with Darshini.

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NGO Takes in Woman, Rehabilitates her

Meanwhile, in 2018, a Karnataka-based NGO, called Thanal Home, received an alert about a mentally unstable woman in a bad shape being found. Mohammed Mustafa, who runs the NGO, took the woman in and tried to help her.

Darshini was in a bad shape. She couldn’t recall her roots, or her life before venturing in Karnataka somehow. However, after months and months of rehabilitation, therapy, and shelter, Darshini was able to recall her hometown – Rohtak.

NGO Chief Tries to Reunite Couple

Six months ago, Mohammed Mustafa reached out to Haryana Police, and tried seeking more information about missing person’s complaint regarding Darshini. Soon, he found out that a complaint was filed in 2013 by Kehar Singh, and the NGO-chief reached out to him.

Kehar was told about her wife being at NGO, and he was soon reunited with her. Seeing her, Kehar Singh shed tears of joys and expressed his gratitude to Mustafa.

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“Had given up…”

An Indian Express report quoted overjoyed Kehar Singh saying, “She was mentally ill even then. She went missing and we filed a police complaint. I, along with other members of the family, searched for her in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab.”

“Then I gave up. The call from Mustafa was the biggest gift of my life,” he added.


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