In a horrifying news, 2 minor girls were gang-raped & murdered by 4 men. After being raped, the girls were forced to consume pesticide by the 4 men. The incident occurred in Haryana’s Sonipat district. The accused were later arrested by the police and went on the confess the crime. The accused will be produced to the court soon.


The Manohar Lal Khattar-led Haryana government is infamous for the ever deteriorating condition of law and order in the state. According to National Crime Records Bureau’s data from 2019, Haryana registers the 4th highest number of gang-rape numbers in the country. Haryana recorded 159 gangrape cases registered under the IPC with 1.17 cases per lakh population.

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The Facts of the Matter

Recently, the state witnessed another horrifying incident with 2 minor girls getting gang-raped by 4 men. The accused went on to poison the minor girls to death by forcing them to consume pesticide. As opposed to going out and about for their work, which certain section of society considers a reason for women being raped, the minor girls were at their home, trying to sleep.

Minor Girls were 14 & 16

The minor girls were aged 14 years old and 16 years old. Meanwhile, the accused, identified as Arun, Ram, Bhukan & Phool Chand are aged somewhere between 22 to 25 years, as an India Today report suggests. The men, migrant workers in Haryana, lived together in a rented room next to the teenage sisters.

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The Rape, The Threat, The Murder

On August 6, the four accused barged into the teenage sisters’ room and subsequently, gang-raped them. Further, the men went on to threaten the mother of the teenage sisters and said her son will be eliminated and she will face dire consequences. The 4 accused also forced the teenage sisters to consume pesticide.

Mother Gives False Statement, Girls Rushed to Hospital

After the minor girls went unconscious, the 4 accused fled the scene. The mother of the teenage daughters was threatened to a point that she told the neighbours that her daughters had suffered snake-bite. The neighbours took the two minor girls to Jagniwan Ram Hospital in New Delhi.

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Police Suspects Foul Play, Orders Complete Postmortem

The girls couldn’t survive the incident and died in-between receiving the treatment. The hospital authorities sent the body to post-mortem and also alerted the Sonipat police.

“Initially the mother of the girls repeated her statement. but during the preliminary investigations, we did not find any snake bite marks on the bodies. Hence, we asked the doctors to conduct a complete post-mortem and to ascertain if the girls were subjected to any kind of violence”,

-a police officer was quoted in a Times of India report.

The Truth Revealed, Arrests Made

“The report categorically suggested that the girls were subjected to sexual abuse and there were suggestive injuries on their bodies. Besides this, they were found to have been poisoned,”

-added the officer.

Upon seeing the massive inconsistency in the claims made by the mother and the injuries her teenage daughters sustained, the police took her into confidence to tell the truth. The woman then narrated the whole ordeal and the police went on to arrest the accused.

“All the accused have confessed to the crime and they will be produced to the court on Wednesday”.

-the police officer said.