In a horrifying incident reported from Bihar, a girl took video of her father molesting her and got him arrested on the basis of the video. The girl alleged that her father “used to do it every day”. The incident was reported from Samastipur, Bihar.

The accused man has been identified to be the 50-year-old father of the 18-year-old victim teen who managed to catch her father molesting her. In the purported videos making rounds of social media, the accused can be seen groping her 18-year-old daughter and molesting her in various ways, while trying to make sure no one can hear them.

The victim in the video can be seen trying to resist the father and his atrocities. After the videos went viral on social media, the Samastipur police took cognizance of the incident and arrested the accused earlier on Thursday this week.

According to reports, the accused is a teacher by profession. According to an India Today report, the victim’s mother didn’t object to the continuous assault the victim endured and further, the victim’s maternal uncle also used to pressurize her into remaining silent over the course of the assault.

The Facts of the Matter

Such is the twisted nature of universe that often the victims of heinous crimes have to do the job of collecting incriminating evidences against the accused to get justice. However, a faded silver lining in this situation is the advent of technology and social media, which empowers people – common and influential – to collect evidences without getting caught and seek justice later.

Samastipur Girl Gets Father Molesting her on Video

In a heartbreaking incident reported from Samastipur, Bihar, an 18-year-old girl had to record video of her 50-year-old father molesting her, and had to share it on social media to get justice. According to reports, the girl also shared the video to her friends to make sure the video reaches to the concerned authorities. The accused is employed as a teacher, reports state.

Video Showed Doing The Unimaginable to his Own Daughter

The blood-curdling video showed the 50-year-old accused molesting his own daughter while making sure they didn’t get caught. After enduring the molestation, the victim in the Samastipur molestation viral video can be seen standing up and putting her pants back on. Meanwhile, the accused once again enters the frame and tries groping his young daughter. The victim can be seen resisting the father’s attempts in the video.

Accused’s Face Clearly Visible, Gets Arrested

As the accused’s face was clearly visible in the video, the Rosra police took the cognizance of the incident and arrested the accused earlier on Thursday. The police have also initiated a probe to find out other accused involved in the case, if any.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Sahiyar Akhtar, was quoted in an India Today report saying, “Police have arrested the father who was seen assaulting [the victim] in the viral video. Legal action is being taken…and other accused are being ascertained based on the statement. Raids are also being conducted.”

Victim’s Mother Knew About Assault, Didn’t Object

It should be noted that the victim’s mother allegedly knew about the continuous assault her daughter endured, but decided to not object to it. Further, it’s also being alleged that the victim’s maternal uncle used to pressurize the victim into not reaching out to the authorities and remain silent over the sexual assault she endured over the course of time.


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