Two years before being brutally murdered by her boyfriend, Shraddha Walker had reportedly filed a complaint to the cops about her boyfriend Aaftab back in 2020. “He will cut me in pieces”, Shraddha wrote, almost foreshadowing the horrific crime she was going to be a victim of in 2022. As per reports, Shraddha had tried to raise an alert back in November 2020, but withdrew her complaint later.

Earlier in November 2020, Shraddha used to live near the formerly named Vasai jurisdiction police station, now Tulinj police station. In a letter, Shraddha elaborated on how she was living under constant abuse, and was fearful of going to cops as Abbas had been threatening to kill her. We advise reader’s discretion before proceeding to read the text of the letter.

“Today, he tried to kill me by suffocating me and he scares and blackmails me that he will kill me, cut me up in pieces and throw me away. It’s been 6 months he has been hitting me but I did not have the guts to go to the police because he would threaten to kill me,” the letter, as quoted in an Indian Express report, read.

In the complaint, dated November 23, 2020, Shraddha also alleged that Abbas’s parents knew that he had tried to kill her as well.

The Facts of the Matter

More and more horrific details have been surfacing in the ongoing investigation of Shraddha Walker murder case. Aaftab Poonawala reportedly killed his live-in girlfriend Shraddha, by chopping her body into several pieces and dumping them around several regions in the national capital Delhi.

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Shraddha Filed Written Complaint Against Abbas

As the investigation continues, new evidence has emerged which indicates that Shraddha and Aaftab had been living in a toxic and abusive relationship. The letter, which dates back to November 23, 2020, was written by Shraddha to the cops, wherein she has mentioned that Aaftab has threatened to kill her and cut her in pieces.

“Aaftab Amin Poonawala has been abusing me and beating me up. Today, he tried to kill me by suffocating me and he scares and blackmails me that he will kill me, cut me in pieces and throw me away. But I don’t have the guts to go to the police because he would threaten to kill me,” the letter read.

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Abbas’s Family Knew About his Abusive Actions

The letter further had Shraddha claiming that Aaftab’s parents being aware of their son beating Shraddha, and also his attempt of killing her.

“His parents are aware that he beats me and that he tried to kill me.”

“I lived with him till date as we were supposed to get married anytime soon and had the blessings of his family. Henceforth, I am not willing to live with him. So any kind of physical damage should be considered coming from him as he has been blackmailing me to kill me or hurt me whenever he sees me anywhere,” the letter written by Shraddha further read.

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Shraddha Withdrew Complaint

As per reports, Shraddha had gone to the police station to file the written complaint with her friends and left the station. However, an inquiry into the matter was later dropped when she retracted the complaint.

The development comes a day after Aaftab was produced in the court and told that he killed Shraddha in the “heat of the moment”. Aaftab’s police custody was extended by four days further, and the court accepted the plea of a poly test, also commonly known as a lie detector test.


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