In a bizarre turn of events, some “heartless” miscreants stole the heart located in Karol Bagh which is in the national capital, fondly known as Dilwali Dilli. The irony of the incident was not lost on netizens who took to Twitter to amplify the incident and laugh about the same.

The peak “Chura ke dil mera, goriya chali” moment was reported from Rajendra Place roundabout. At the roundabout an “I love Delhi” selfie point was installed just a month ago. However, within the month, some miscreants sold the ‘heart’ that was in the middle of the “I” and Delhi”.

It should be noted that the random and bizarre incident may have been inspired by a similar incident that transpired earlier last month in Kupwara, a town in Jammu and Kashmir. In Kupwara, some miscreants ended up damaging a similar signage, and stole the heart from the signage as well. Shockingly enough, the incident happened only 21 days within the “I Love Kupwara” signage was installed.

The strange and bizarre robbery is in line of similar baffling incidents of thefts reported recently. In April, 2022, some thieves posed as officers of Irrigation Department and stole an entire 60 ft, 500 tonne bridge in Bihar.

The Facts of the Matter

Lyricists in Bollywood had a strange fascinating with hearts being stolen. Chura ke dil mera goriya chali, Chura liya hai tum ne jo dil ko, Dheere Dheer se mere dil ko churana, and several other songs have left a lasting impression in our minds. So it should not really be a surprise to people that some miscreants in Delhi went as far as literally stealing the heart shaped object from the I Love Delhi signage in Karol Bagh.

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Heart Stolen Within a Month of Signage Installation

The incident has not been covered extensively by news publishers across the nation, and its only netizens on Twitter who have amplified the “heartless” robbery of heart. Reportedly, the ‘heart’ has been stolen within a month of the signage installation.

So if your loved one proposes you with a huge heart, you know you have to thank the North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

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“Dil Chori Sadda Ho Gaya”: Netizens React to the Incident

Meanwhile, on Twitter netizens made a day out of making puns out of the incident. While some netizens shared pictures of the heartless “I love Delhi”, others wrote Bollywood songs related to heart in the caption.

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Similar Incident Happened in Kupwara in April 2022

It should be noted that a similar incident had happened earlier in April this year in Kupwara, Jammu and Kashmir. In Kupwara town, a new I Love Kupwara signage had been installed. However, within a month of the installation, some miscreants damaged the signage and stole the heart. Following the incident, concerned authorities said that even though only a part of the signage was damaged, a new signage would be installed.


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