New video footage shows the havoc that’s recently wrecked by flashflood. The Himachal cloudburst horror is devastating to such an extent that shops have been destroyed and even the National Highway is blocked. While the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to affect millions of people around the country the natural elements are also relentless in its punishment.


A cloudburst in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh triggered a flash flood with an intensity that vehicles, shops and whatever that has come its way, is being washed out and destroyed. While reporters from news platforms are reporting about the event, several video footages have emerged on Twitter recorded by the locals showing the devastation that has been caused so far.

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Water fills up like hole in a ship

In a video footage shared by news agency ANI – water can be seen gathering quickly in a building like it would in a ship that has holes. The video is shot from the balcony of the same building. The video also shows vehicles kept in the parking area being washed away due to the huge amount of water.

Such is the intensity of the flashflood that an SUV is seen being taken away by the water – only to be blocked by other vehicles that have been thrown at a place by the floods itself.

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Heavy SUV also uprooted due to the flashflood

Meanwhile, people who were not in the frame of the video can be heard screaming in fright at the sight of the heavy SUV being uprooted.

One of them can also be heard saying, “No other car will now go beyond this”, at the sight of other cars that have blocked the road as its bundled up by the flood.

The video is shot by the SHO of Mcleodganj, Mr. Vipin Chaudhary.

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Another video shows visuals like that of a disaster film

Another video shared by a local on Twitter also shows the same intensity of the flashfloods. The Twitter user can be heard in the background saying, “These are live visuals from Dharamshala. A cloud has burst”. The visuals are truly horrifying and appear like they have come from a Hollywood disaster film. Several small houses can be seen in the way of the severe force of the water. While these houses do not appear to have been destroyed yet, the force of the floods is such that they may be at the risk of being uprooted.

In a separate video, which looks like it was shot by a local, a bridge can be seen barely above the extreme pressure of the flood below it. The video – which lasts for a minute and 22 seconds, shows brown muddy water with severe pressure triggered by the flood slowly coming to the level of the bridge. The footage was claimed to be shot at Bhagsunath, Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

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Another footage, shared by the same person shows the overflooding at Manjhi Khad, Dharamshala.

How it all started?

On Sunday, several districts of Himachal Pradesh – including Dharamshala, Kangra, and more witnessed heavy rainfall. While the initial few hours of the ordeal were welcomed by the locals due to the hot weather in the last few weeks, the subsequent horror has terrified the locals. Households at these districts are thrown into a complete disarray as heavy rains started to lash out first at Kangra district. Meanwhile, Bhagsu Nag, a destination that has attracted a lot of tourists after the lockdowns have been restricted in the country – is completely turned into a river.