On Hindi Diwas 2021, let’s take a look into the fascinating history and origin of the official language of over a billion people. Celebrated annually on September 14, Hindi Diwas or Hindi Day is a commemorating day to celebrate Hindi being declared as an official language of Indian populous. The day is observed as a remembrance that one should be proud of their ‘Matra Bhasha’ (mother tongue).


Languages on a very basic level are tools of communication between two people. However, if one takes a deeper look, one would realize that under its hood, they would see it’s a window into human history and human nature.

In a country of over a billion people, several hundreds of ethnicities, thousands of deities, language holds an important meaning. India is a proud home of 121 languages, spoken by at least 10,000 people. To have an official language among all these people and languages, that can cut across barriers, and can communicate precisely of what’s to be communicated, Hindi Diwas came into existence.

History & Origin

In the Pre-Independent India, all the communications between government department and public were done with British English being on top of the hierarchy. However, after India got its independence, it became a necessity that the nation agrees on one language. One language that will be used to clearly and concisely communicate significant updates by the government to the public.

On September 14, 1949, the Indian Constituent Assembly accepted Hindi as India’s official language. Further, the Hindi language was also added as one of India’s official languages in the Indian constitution under the Article 343 on January 26, 1950.

Wishes Pour in on Hindi Diwas 2021

On the occasion of Hindi Diwas 2021, political leaders across the spectrum of parties wished the countrymen a happy Hindi Diwas.

Prime Minister Modi took to Twitter and in Hindi wrote, “Wishing you all a very Happy Hindi Diwas. People from different regions have played a remarkable role in making Hindi a capable and capable language. It is the result of all your efforts that Hindi is continuously making a strong identity on the global stage.”

“Progress of India is in Coordination of Mother Tongue”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke in an event and gave his remarks on Hindi Diwas and the importance of the day. Taking to Twitter, Mr. Shah wrote, “On the occasion of Hindi Diwas, I urge all the countrymen to take a pledge to progressively use the official language Hindi along with their mother tongue in the original works. The progress of India is contained in the coordination of mother tongue and official language. Wishing you all a very Happy Hindi Divas.”

“Have to be Aatmanirbhar in languages Also”

Mr. Shah also addressed a public event where he made an ‘aatma-nirbhar’ connection to Hindi Diwas. He said that India must also be self-reliant when it comes to languages. He said that by aatmanirbhar, a country must not just think about manufacturing and goods production but also with its language.

He also acknowledged that if India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not embarrassed to speak in Hindi on an International forum, why must anyone else feel so. “? Gone are the days when speaking in Hindi was a matter of embarrassment,’’ he said.