A Hindu girl in Bangladesh was chopped up in pieces by her boyfriend after she got to know that her boyfriend was married to another woman. The development comes just days after the Shraddha Walkar murder case which has rocked the country due to its horrid and gory details that continue to surface as the investigation continues. The Hindu victim killed in Bangladesh was identified as Kavita Rani.

The horrific incident occurred earlier on November 7 in Bangladesh’s Khulna District in Sonadanga. The accused in the matter was identified as Abu Bakar. The details of the case as grim and reader’s discretion is advised. The accused reportedly beheaded Kavita and then chopped up her body in three parts. He then wrapped her mutilated body parts in plastic bags and dumped them into the drain.

According to reports, Abu and Kavita had gotten close and the two had known each other for barely five days before the murder was committed. As per a post by Voice of Bangladesh Hindus, the duo had fight after Rani found out about Abu’s other life.

“When the girl found out that Abu Bakar was married, they quarreled. At that time, she was killed and beheaded,” the post read. Following the incident, the cops nabbed Abu and his partner Sapna.

The Facts of the Matter

As more and more grim details of the Shraddha Walkar murder case surface, another shocking and eerily similar crime against a Hindu woman was reported recently. This time, it was a man in Bangladesh who beheaded and chopped up the victim in multiple parts, after she got to know that he was married.

The accused in the matter was identified as Abu Bakar, and the victim was identified as Kavita Rani. The incident occurred earlier on November 7 in Bangladesh’s Khulna district. The accused worked at a private transport firm.

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Accused’s Employer Got Suspicious

The matter came to the fore earlier on November 6 when Abu didn’t go to his workplace and was unreachable on the phone. The accused’s employer sent another person to the accused’s place to check in on him. However, the employer got suspicious after finding out that the rented house was locked from outside.

Police Shocked at Grim Sight of Headless Body

A complaint was later filed with the police and a team of officers arrived at the spot and broke open the door. What awaited them was the grim sight of a headless body of the victim kept in a box. The cops investigated the horrific scene, and found the victim’s head kept separate from the body inside a polybag, and other parts of the body missing.

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Investigation Reveals Shocking Details

An investigation was soon launched in the case. During investigation, it was revealed that the accused and duo got close to each other barely five days before the crime. As per reports, the accused had been living with another Hindu girl Sapna in the rented house for the last four years.

Earlier on November 5, Sapna was away at work. Seeing this, the accused called Kavita to the house. However, somehow Kavita got to know about the accused’s marital status, and the two had an argument, by the end of which, the accused strangled Kavita to death.

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Accused, Partner Nabbed by Cops

He then beheaded the victim, chopped her hands off, and threw them in a drain. The rest of the body, including the served head was dumped inside a box before the accused fled the scene. On November 7, the accused and his partner Sapna were nabbed by the cops.


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