In a news that’s enough to make a person utter ‘Holy Cow’ under their breath, a dwarf cow from Bangladesh has become country’s newest attraction. So much so that it has been attracting thousands of tourists even during the COVID-19 induced lockdown. Rani – a 23-month-old-cow– is potentially on its way to be added into the Guinness World Records as the world’s smallest cow.


Nature and evolution are truly extraordinary. While evolution carefully presents new small updates and iterations in living beings, the nature around it, molds itself in a way that the beings can sustain itself. In such symbiotic relation, there are times truly extraordinary beings take birth. These beings are larger than its peers, smaller than its peers, smarter than its peers and more perceptive than its peers.

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Meet Rani, 24-month-old, 51-cm tall cow

In such a situation, an almost 2-year-old cow is amassing all the attraction in Bangladesh. So much so that tourists are not heeding to the ongoing COVID-19 induced lockdown. The cow has all the pre-requisites a cow must have. It has horns, milk giving abilities and the shape and form – the only difference, its only 51- cm tall.


People taking pictures of Dwarf Cow | Image Credit: b9AcE

Yes, you heard it currently – the almost 2-year-old cow is a dwarf cow. And since the time its owner has claimed it of being the smallest in the world – it is catching all attention that most celebrities crave for. The tiny bovine is on the tip of the tongue of every Bangladeshi citizen, on social media and even news channels are ‘milking’ on her physical state.

More About Bhutanese Cows

Originally a Bhutanese cow, Rani lives in a farm 30 km near Dhaka – in Charigram village. The Bhutanese cows are known for its tender meat in Bangladesh. It should be noted that while Bhutanese cow are relatively smaller, other cows of the same category are almost 2 times Rani’s size.


Dwarf Cow Rani | Image Credit: b9AcE

To take a picture, a selfie or just to witness the nature’s true magnificence herds of people have been flocking since days in the region Rani lives at. According to her owner, as many as over 15,000 people have come to visit Rani and marvel at her – that too in only the past 3 days.

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“We are tired”: Rani’s Owner on All the Attention

One would assume that all that attention would be enjoyable to MA Hasan Howlader, the owner of Rani. However, the manager of Shikor Agro farm was quoted AFP saying, “Honestly speaking, we are tired.”

“People come long distances despite the coronavirus lockdown. Most want to take selfies with Rani,”

-Howlader added.

The manager of the farm, and owner of Rani also said how he didn’t expect such a huge interest for the tiny cow.

“We did not think people would leave their homes because of the worsening virus situation. But they have come here in numbers”

-he said.


Dwarf Cow | Image Credit: b9AcE

Rani Is a Product of “Genetic in-Breeding”

Meanwhile, a government veterinarian belonging to the same region claimed that Rani is in-fact a product of “genetic in-breeding”, and that its highly unlikely for her to grow any bigger.

Current Smallest Cow in the World

It should be noted that the current shortest cow in the world is Manikyam. Manikyam is a Vehcur cow. Vehchurs are known to be a breed with dwarf cows where the maximum height of a cow can go as much as only 90 CMs. However, Manikyam entered into the Guinness World Records by being measured 61.1cm from the hoof to the withers.