New updates have emerged in the Honey Singh Domestic Abuse case after the rapper missed the case hearing and the Delhi court had to remind the rapper that “no one is above law”. The court further directed him to submit his tax returns and his medical reports pertaining to the case. Earlier last month, Honey Singh’s wife had alleged that her husband had physically abused her and further alleged that he also had multiple affairs after the marriage.


Popular rapper and singer Honey Singh is no stranger to controversy. Right from his controversial rap lyrics with which he made his mark in the rapping circuit, to his misogynistic song “Mein Hu Balatkari” which came after the Nirbhaya gang-rape case, Singh has landed in controversies one after the other. Recently, the rapper was once again in the limelight after his wife filed a case in a Delhi court alleging domestic abuse from Singh.

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“Case is being taken so lightly”

On August 28, the rapper was to stand before the court of law for the case hearing. However, citing poor health, Singh missed out on the hearing. This led for the Court to say that “No one is above law” and further adding that the court is surprised to see how “case is being taken so lightly”. The court questioned Singh’s lawyers on the fact that neither Singh appeared, nor they have filed his income affidavit and nor have they come prepared with arguments.

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Court Asks Singh to Submit ITR, Medical Reports

The Court has directed Singh to appear before it on the next hearing which is scheduled on September 3. Further, the court has also directed him to submit his medical reports and his ITR.

Treated like “Farm Animal”: Shalini Talwar Seeks Rs. 10 crores

Meanwhile, Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar has sought Rs. 10 crores from Singh as a compensation under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and had earlier claimed that she lived in constant fear of Singh who used to reputedly beat her. In her plea, Talwar said how she felt like an “farm animal” who was treated cruelly by Singh.

On Saturday, while Hirdesh Singh aka Honey Singh remained missing, her wife had appeared in the court. Her representative told the court that Talwar can live at her in-laws’ house and further apprised that Singh owned properties worth Rs. 4 crores, of which Talwar owns Rs. 1 crore worth of property.

Honey Singh Breaks Silence, Issues Statement

Meanwhile, Singh finally broke his silence on the matter and issued a statement on Instagram where he labelled his wife’s allegations as “false” and “malicious”. His statement said how the rapper had never issued a public statement in past despite negative media coverage and harsh criticism for his lyrics. “However, I see no merit in maintaining a studied silence this time before some of the allegations have been directed at my family”, Singh’s statement read.

Dismissing all allegations, Singh’s statement further read, “I strongly refute all allegations but will not comment any further because the matter is sub0judice before the Court of Law. I have full faith in the judicial system of this country, and I am confident that the truth will be out soon.”

He also appealed his fans and followers to not make conclusions out of the controversy wherein his statement read, “I humbly request my and public at large to not draw any conclusion about me and my family until the Hon’ble Court pronounces a verdict after hearing both the sides.”