House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths Netflix new series delivers an explanation to many puzzles, psychosis, and superstition while also urging spectators to consider their own judgments, convictions, and consciousness. If the producers’ goal was to convey the insights of the whole mystery then it is accomplished.


On July 1, 2018, residents of Sant Nagar, Burari, a crowded North Delhi neighborhood, uncovered a frightening discovery. The Chundawat family also called the Bhatias, had three generations of their family members found tied and hanged in their residence.

The Burari deaths, strangely for a family that almost everyone in the episode considers as a loving family, highlighted how lonely individuals in major cities can be.

Director: Leena Yadav

Co- Director: Anubhav Chopra


Spinning around the deaths of 11 people of the Chundawat family in Burari, Delhi, which horrified the whole country, analyze the various ideas that circulated around the tragedy and uncover the possible roots of this frightening tragedy through the perspective of the Chundawats’ remaining family members, acquaintances, distant cousins, police, media, psychologists, forensic, and, the media, which was at the center of the incident.

The Chundawat Family

The Chundawat Family

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House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths: Episodes Analysis

The first episode, which includes testimony from neighbors, police, crime branch personnel, as well as other friends and family, leads us into what was observed on the day, with each sensational clue uncovered driving the media into a fury.

House of Secrets Screenshot

House of Secrets Screenshot

Neighbors, coworkers, and friends of the Chundawats had none but praise for the loving family. In reality, they were enjoying Priyanka’s impending engagement. However, as parts two and three illustrate, this tragedy was more nuanced than initially thought, with traces of a havan (ritual pyre) also found in the residence.

House of Secrets Scene

House of Secrets Scene

Moreover, there are instances, particularly in the third episode, when some incidents appear to be exaggerated, and others may appear unnecessary, but at the conclusion, they all blend up to establish the case’s significance.

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House of Secrets Narrative is Clear and Well Written

The case’s narrative is very well written in this documentary series, ensuring that the content is not perplexing or complicated. Editors M’Daya Meliani, Zach Kashkett, Namrata Rao, and Supervising Editor James Haygood deserve a lot of praise for this effort.

However, House of Secrets adds a few psychiatrists to the equation, offering a good insight that is often lacking in these kinds of series

House of Secrets Have Thrilling Background Score

In series like House of Secrets, the background soundtrack generally enhances the entire thrill of the case, but AR Rahman and Qutub-E-music Kripa’s has been meticulously constructed with that given instance in consideration.

However, there is a loophole, which is an inappropriate use of a creepy voiceover to speak out notes from the family’s diaries

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What Drove Lalit To Entice 3 Generations To Accompany Him Into The Mystery?

Did anybody really think about what probably drove the alleged plotter, a middle-aged person named Lalit, to entice three generations of his family to accompany him into the mystery?

Lalit alleged he was acquired by the spirit of his late father, as indicated by heaps of tediously summarized diary entries found at the scene of the crime, and pressured his family into not only trusting him but also retaining their internal affairs hidden. In some ways, he was indeed the head of his own miniature cult, manipulating his followers through some “supernatural events” and bringing them to redemption and affluence.