Deepanshu Jindal, the guy who made it to the AIR 1 in JEE Mains has a success story to tell. Joint Engineering Exams in one of the toughest exams conducted across India. Every year more than a million students appear in the exam. However, the seat of the AIR 1 is reserved for those who keep their goals above every single thing. 

Such is the story of Deepanshu, a guy from Delhi, who has a habit of creating a benchmark in studies. Deepanshu not only scored AIR-1 in JEE Mains, but he also scored a whopping high of 98.6 per cent in his 12th Class CBSE Exams. 

Deepanshu credits his family to a greate extent for his remarkable success. He says that his family was so supportive and understanding during his studies, that her sister would not even turn on the television so that he could concentrate on studies and avoid any kind of destruction. 

Time Management is important

Deepanshu suggests that time management plays the most vital role in cracking your dream exam. Unlike many students, who get a dummy admission in schools and spend hours on coaching institute, Deepanshu was a regular student of his school. He daily went to school spending a good deal of his day is school curriculum. After that, he came home and after some refreshment time, he went to coaching, where he attended 4 hours of coaching sessions in the weekdays. At weekends, he used to spend most of his time studying on the coaching institute itself. 

Apart from School and Coaching studies, Deepanshu was also regular in doing self-study. According to the topper, self-study is as important as undertaking coachings and school classes. This helps the students to better understand their own approach to study effectively. 

“No matter how many coaching classes you attend, it is only during self-study that you will get time to revise and memorise all that you have learnt,” says the IIT Toper. On one hand he is thankful to his school educators, who gave him strong roots and on the other hand, he is thankful to his coaching institute for incorporating the habit of routine studies and discipline towards studies in him.

What study approach to follow

Deepanshu suggests that his studying approach worked in two phases. In the primary phase, when he was not well aware of the syllabus, he did not target specifically for JEE. Rather, he solved all types of questions including subjective questions of all topics, instead of focusing on only objective questions or single topic-based approach.

Once he was well acquainted with the course coverage and topic wise introduction, he moved to

Group of students taking a test at the university

the second phase and started preparing with the vision of JEE Exams. He started solving multiple-choice questions and sample papers.

With the exams dates approaching closer in February, he started to solve more and more papers from previous examinations. This helped in building a lot of confidence before appearing in the final exam. Solving previous year papers gave him the idea of time management as well as paper pattern to make him mentally prepared for the actual exams. He believed that his strategy helped him a great deal in focusing on concept-based studies.

Why Deepanshu chose Science

“I have been always interested in Science and Mathematics since childhood and thus choosing these as my subjects in Class 11 was a rather obvious choice. Many of us dream of studying in the IITs as they are considered as India’s premier institutes. It was no different for me. Personally, being afforded the opportunity to work with the country’s best researchers and minds was a motivation that saw me through the preparation time,” says Deepanshu on being asked about his interests in science and JEE.

After attaining the top rank in Nation in one of the toughest exams, Deepanshu is right now a student of IIT Delhi, He is pursuing Bachelor of Architecture in Computer Science. He thrives for his interest in future technologies. Currently, he is in 4th year of his graduation program and is working in the domain of  Artificial Intelligence.

How to attempt the paper

Deepanshu tells that before attempting the paper, one shall be well aware of his strengths and weakness. It was only after solving a lot of mock tests and sample paper, he was able to understand that he is fast in solving chemistry than any other subject. Thus, he aimed to solve chemistry first so that he can save a good amount of time for mathematics.

His 2nd main tip is that before solving the paper, one must go through the whole paper to get a sense of what is the content of the paper and accordingly allocate time to respective sections. First, you should go for the answers that you are sure to score and then for the one which you are comparatively less confident with or the ones that may consume more time.

Every aspirant has a different method of studying as well as solving papers. One should be well aware of their own approach and be confident with the same. Thus, it is very important to understand your way of dealing with it. Instead of following other’s advise, spend time on your self-studies. Practise a lot by solving sample and mock tests. This will help you develop the sense of appearing in the final exam and thus giving you a lot of ideas about your examination approach.

So, ready your pens and books and get back to that desk of yours to come up with the best possible outputs in your own way. All the Best.