In an interesting news, a “hulk” phone cover saved a man from bullet during an armed robbery. The victim was caught at a wrong place at a wrong time when an armed robbery was taking place. Reportedly, the bullet smashed into the Motorola G5’s screen but wasn’t able to penetrate the back cover of the phone which featured Hulk. Interestingly enough, Hulk is a superhero from the Marvel comics whose impenetrable skin is immune to all bullets, missiles and other dangerous objects.


It’s often considered that death of a person happens at a pre-destined time and nothing before that time could take a person’s life. There are several stories of people making miraculous escapes and evading the grim reaper. Popular television show Game of Thrones had a quote where a character said – “What do we say to the God of Death? No.”

A man from Brazil was involved in a matter which could’ve surely taken his life. However, the man was saved thanks to his phone cover which had a hulk.

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The Facts of the Matter

A lucky man from Brazil found himself inches close to death when he was caught in a place where an armed robbery was being taken place. The man miraculously escaped death after he was shot. The bullet reportedly smashed the screen of his Motorola G5 smartphone. However, the bullet in a twist of events, couldn’t penetrate the back cover which featured the raging avenger Hulk.

Man Rushed to Hospital, Doctors Prepared for Worst

According to reports, the victim of the incident was rushed to the University Hospital in Brazil’s Petrolina on October 7. The doctors meanwhile had prepared for worst as they had been reported that they would be receiving a man injured by a bullet.

When the doctor looked into the matter, they found that the man was left unscathed and uninjured. The man’s skin showed no evidence of a bullet penetration. Reportedly, the man was shot in a way that the bullet grazed his hip and pierced into his Motorola G5 smartphone.

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Phone’s Back Cover Featured Bulletproof Hulk

The phone was encased with the most appropriate back cover. The phone’s back cover had a raging Hulk, an Avenger known for his anger and for his impenetrable armor of a skin. According to the doctor involved in the matter, the man left the emergency with some minor pain in his hip and a small bruise.

Patient Leaves with Small Bruise on Hip

Doctor Pedro Carvalho, who examined the lucky man, also took to Twitter and shared the incident. “And the patient who was admitted to the ER after being shot in a robbery and the bullet ended up in his cell phone!!! Detail for the cell phone cover!” wrote the doctor.

“A lot of people asking about the patient. He had a small bruise at the site. He’s already discharged home,” read another tweet shared by the doctor.

It should be noted that smartphones saving the lives of their owners are more common than one would imagine.

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Nokia Phone Endures Bullet in Afghanistan, Saves Life of Owner

Back in 2016, Peter Skillman who worked on a Nokia phone, took to Twitter and shared how a man’s life was saved by his Nokia phone in Afghanistan. While it was not reported about who the lucky person was, the post fell right in the line of Nokia’s notion of being a brand manufacturing indestructible phones.

Taking to Twitter, Mr. Skillman wrote, “A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week.  The embedded bullet….”

Pixel 3Xl Starts After Being Hit with Rubber Bullet

Similarly, in 2019, Studio Incendo reported that one of their photographers who was covering a protest in Hong Kong was shot with a rubber bullet. The brand took to Twitter and added, “Our photographer was shot by a rubber bullet on Monday in the battlefield of #polyu #hongkong The #pixel3 phone stopped the bullet and was destroyed. He didn’t get hurt. Surprised it can still be turned on.”