A “trophy hunter” who reportedly killed dozens of animals, including lion and giraffe was recently murdered, giving “when hunter gets hunted” a new meaning. The poacher was reportedly killed in an “execution-style” killing in South Africa, a Mirror report stated.

The wildlife trophy poacher was identified as Riaan Naude. Riaan was infamous for sharing pictures of himself with the corpses of several animals like lions, elephants and more, that he had killed. The 55-year-old was reportedly found gunned down next to his vehicle in Limpopo, South Africa, known for its multiple wildlife reserves.

Following the incident, South Africa Police spokesperson, Lt. Col. Mamphaswa Seabi was quoted saying, “The man was lying with his face up and there was blood on his head and face.”

According to reports, the matter was brought to the fore when a herder heard sounds of gunshot and found a white coloured pickup truck. The authorities seized two hunting rifles, whiskey, and some clothes in the poacher’s car.

According to reports, the white pickup truck had stopped near the hunter’s vehicle and two men shot down the infamous poacher at close range.

Earlier in 2018, a 75-year-old poacher was also killed while he was on a canned hunting spree. The poacher, Pero Jelenic, had already killed one lion when he was attacked by another one and died.

The Facts of the Matter

Centuries ago, the act of hunting was seen as entertainment and sport, and would often be carried for food as well. However, new age “trophy hunters” show an even more twisted side of humans. Trophy hunters get on hunting spree for one reason – to hunt dangerous animals, obtain their body parts such as their head or horns, and display it as an exhibit for their successful hunt.

As “trophy hunting’ is legal in many countries, trophy hunters are often looked differently than mere hunters and poachers. Recently, a trophy hunter was hunted himself, after being gunned down point blank.

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Riaan Naude Infamous for Hunting Spree

Wildlife trophy hunter Riaan Naude was recently found gunned down in South Africa. The 55-year-old hunter ran a company called Pro Hunt Africa. He was infamous for sharing pictures of himself posing with corpses of lions, giraffes and other animals he hunted.

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Hunter Found with Blood on Face and Head

The trophy hunter was found dead next to his own vehicle in Limpopo, a South African province known for wildlife reserves. The 55-year-old was found “lying with his face up and there was blood on his face and head”, according to Lt. Col. Mamphawsa Seabi, the spokesperson of South African Police Service.

How the Hunter was Hunted

According to local reports, a cattle-herder was the first to hear the sound of gunshot and discovered a white coloured pickup truck speeding towards the Marken Road, where the hunter was later found dead.

The hunter had reportedly pulled his vehicle off the road after it overheated, when he was ambushed by assailants.

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Rifles & Whiskey Recovered from Vehicle

It is being reported that a pickup truck stopped next to the hunter’s vehicle and two men cornered him. They shot Naude at point blank and soon fled the scene.

The police were able to recover two hunting rifles, whiskey, and some clothes in the deceased hunter’s car.


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