In today’s dose of ‘is this for real?’, a husband has reportedly chosen to watch ‘The Batman’ over his wife giving birth to avoid potential spoilers. On popular content platform Reddit, a woman shared her plight with fellow Redditers.

The 25-year-old pregnant woman asked fellow Redditers whether she was an a***ole for being unhappy about the fact that her husband plans to skip on her giving birth to their child for the upcoming Batman film.

She further added that her husband claims to have “no option” other than to watch the film on the day she may be giving birth as he wants to avoid potential spoilers. While most netizens would usually claim to be die-hard fans of the superhero franchise, several users slammed the to-be father for planning to miss out on a day that in all likelihood will be one of the most special days of their life together.

For the unversed, The Batman is scheduled to hit the theaters on March 4. The film stars newly branded Batman Robert Pattinson and will be directed by Matt Reeves.

The Facts of the Matter

How far can a die-hard fan of a popular film franchise go to avoid spoilers? We have all heard of stories where people have gone to lengths to avoid potential spoilers.

From avoiding internet for days till they watch their favourite superhero film, to paying through the nose for expensive premiere tickets, they have done it all. There have also been die-hard fans who have shunned going to their office or meeting friends in order to avoid being spelled. But a new to-be father has crossed all the boundaries.


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Pregnant Woman Shares Her Plight on Instagram

The incident was brought to light earlier on content-aggregation platform Reddit. On one of Reddit threads called ‘Am I The As***le’, a 25-year-old woman shared her plight. “As you may know, there is a new Batman movie releasing on early March (sic). My husband is a big fan of that kind of stuff and wants to see it opening day,” the woman wrote.

She further elaborated that her estimated due date falls on the same day as the film’s release date. She added that she is aware of the fact that only a fraction of babies get born on their actual due date, but she added that she feels that her baby would be one of those cases.

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Husband Claims Not Being Present “Not a Big Deal”

The woman further wrote, “He says it is important to see the movie the first day because of spoilers and that, even I end up having the baby that day while he is watching the movie, at worst he would have arrived a few hours late and is not such a big deal.”

She further added that her husband feels she is being “irrational and emotional” because she’s pregnant. I am upset because I feel deprioritize by him, she concluded, asking fellow Redditers if she’s an as***le.

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“Not an A-Hole”: Redditers Extend Support

Fellow Redditers were quick to empathize with the woman’s plight and told her that she was not being irrational or emotional. “Oh, right, a grown up man can’t wait a couple of days to see a comics movie because spooooileeerrrsss and you’re being irrational and emotional,” a user sarcastically commented.

“He thinks possibly being spoiled on a super hero movie is a bigger deal than possibly missing the birth of his child. I’m sorry you’re having a baby with someone with such messed up priorities,” another netizen extended their support.

Fellow Redditer Gives Suggestion

TBH the fact that being there to support you while you push a small child out of your body not his first priority is … disheartening,” a netizen commented. “He can go to the movie but if you go into labor he has to skip or leave the movie and join you at the hospital,” the user added.


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