A four-year-old boy named Sathvik from Hyderabad was accidentally crushed to death by a car driven by his father. The incident took place on 21st November 2021, Sunday at Mansoorabad in LB Nagar, Hyderabad. Sathvik was immediately declared dead by the doctors when taken to the nearby hospital.


A terrifying case of the accident came from the southern city of India, Hyderabad where a son faces death due to his father’s mistake. On 21st November, Sunday morning a boy named Sathvik was playing outside his apartment when accidentally an SUV was driven over him. As per the reports of the local police of Hyderabad, the SUV car was driven by Sathvik’s father named Laxman. Sathviks’s father was the security guard of the apartment where they used to live and the accident occurred.

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CCTV Footage Details

The entire tragic incident was recorded in the CCTV of the apartment building. In the video footage, you can see a man named Laxman heading towards an SUV car parked outside an apartment. Within a few seconds, a young lad named Sathvik is seen walking out of the apartment gate to play. The child was standing in front of the SUV driven by Laxman and moments later he was under the wheels. When it came to Laxman’s realization that what he had done, he turned down the car and came panicking towards Sathvik. He took Sathvik’s body inside the apartment. To watch the video click on the –

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Outcomes of the Incident

Following the incident, Sathvik was critically injured and was immediately taken to the nearby hospital in LB Nagar, Hyderabad. However, it was too late as the doctors declared him dead on examination. The whole case is being investigated by the LB Nagar police of Hyderabad.

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A Similar Incident in Hyderabad

Sathvik is not the only child who faced such an unusual death due to an accident within his apartment. A similar case came up in Miyapur, Hyderabad in August 2021, where a 10-year old boy died falling from the balcony of his apartment. A boy named Sukender, a son of a sub-inspector of Miyapur accidentally slipped from the 1st-floor balcony of the apartment where he and his family lived. He was critically injured as soon as he fell off the balcony. Though he was immediately shifted to the nearest hospital, he could not be saved.