In Hyderabad, a groom recently ran off his wedding venue after seeing his first wife appear at the venue with cops. Unlike most Indian wedding receptions, which involve food and folly, this reception turned out to be quite a dramatic one when the groom himself bolted from the venue. The groom had allegedly not told her first wife about the fact that he was getting married to another woman. However, seeing his first wife, he decided to bolt and disappear. A complaint was filed against the groom, identified as Syed Nazeer, in the matter.

According to reports, the incident took place earlier on September 4 in Hyderabad’s Madannapet. Reportedly, Nazeer’s first wife, Dr. Sana Samreen, claimed that he found out about her husband’s action and rushed to the spot with officials from the Santoshnagar police station.

Nazeer, who was enjoying his second wedding reception, started panicking seeing his wife accompanied by the cops. Knowing that a confrontation will be unavoidable, he did what grooms in 90s Bollywood films would do – flee the scene.

Syed’s attempt to flee was eventually successful as he wasn’t caught by the cops at the venue. Later, his wife filed a complaint at the Santosh Nagar station. Samreen and Syed are parents of a 22-month-old son. Samreen also added that Syed had been harassing her for money.

The Facts of the Matter

Indian weddings are filled with dramatic moments. Recently, several incidents have emerged where grooms are seen hitting their brides and brides calling off the weddings in last moment.

In another wedding party gone wrong, a groom fled from the venue after he saw his first wife arriving at the venue with a bunch of cops. The groom had allegedly kept his second wedding a secret from his first wife. The incident was reported from Hyderabad’s Madannapet and occurred earlier on September 4.

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First Wife of Syed Shows Up at Secret Wedding Reception

According to reports, Syed was at the wedding reception with his second wife. However, to the surprise of wedding attendees, Syed’s first wife entered the venue with a team of cops. Syed had not talked about his second marriage to his wife Dr. Sana Samreen.

Syed soon realized that he would have to confront his first wife and talk to the cops about the same. Instead of doing so, he simply decided to evade the situation by making a run for it. A panicked Syed ran like the wind from the rear entrance before the cops could catch him.

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Brother of Aggrieved Wife Speaks to Media

In a News18 report, Abdul Waheed, brother of Dr. Samreen, was quoted saying, “My sister married Syed soon after he came from New Zealand in 2019. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he was stuck here and we took care of his expenses. However, he demanded Rs 15 lakh, which we could not pay. He then began keeping away from my sister.”

Syed had Been Harassing his Doctor Wife for Money

Meanwhile, Samreen also spoke about her husband’s behaviour. She mentioned that during the second wave of the pandemic, she gave most of her savings to Syed’s uncle who was COVID-19 positive. Further, Dr. Samreen also alleged that her husband had started harassing her for money.

Dr. Samreen, who shares a 22-month-old son with Syed, said that she recently learned about Syed’s second marriage, and decided to take action against Syed and catch him red headed.

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Complaint Filed Against Hyderabad Groom

She reached out to police at the Santosh Nagar police station, and reached the venue with some officials to catch Syed.

After Syed took off from the venue without giving an explanation, Samreen filed a complaint at the police station, and an investigation will soon follow.


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