In Hyderabad, a Hindu man was allegedly murdered by his Muslim wife’s family over interfaith marriage. The shocking case of honour killing was reported from Saroornagar, Hyderabad earlier on Wednesday evening.

The victim, 25-year-old victim, identified as Nagaraju, was stabbed by a bike-borne assailant earlier on Wednesday evening. In the matter, the police have arrested the accused, and have detained other suspects, that include the family members of the victim’s wife Ashrin Sulthana aka Pallavi.

According to reports, the police suspects that Nagaraju was killed by Ashrin’s relatives and further, her two brothers are being reported as the suspects in the matter. Meanwhile, social media is flooded with videos that were allegedly taken right after the incident. In one such video, Nagaraju’s lifeless body can be seen on the road with his head bashed in, as Ashrin stands beside the body.

According to reports, both Nagaraju and Sulthana knew each other since they were in Class 10. Earlier in January this year, the couple decided to get married at an Arya Samaj temple against their respective family’s wishes.

Following the harrowing incident, there’s palpable tension in the region with local Hindu activists already demanding action against the perpetrators.

The Facts of the Matter (Trigger Warning- Blood, Violence)

A day after a Hindu man was allegedly killed by relatives of his Muslim wife over interfaith marriage, videos from the shocking scenes have emerged. While one of the videos shows the CCTV footage from the incident, other shows the immediate aftermath of the brutal premeditated murder.

In the videos making rounds of social media, the Hindu man can be seen being ambushed by 2 men, who are now suspected to be his wife’s brothers. The entire ordeal is mind-numbing as it transpires on the footpath of a busy road. The two men can be seen lunging on the victim and hitting the victim as he lies lifeless on the street.

In another video, crowd can be seen gathered around a woman, who’s the victim’s wife. The camera pans to the ground and one can see the lifeless body of the victim with his head bashed in and blood spilled on the road. The wife meanwhile speaks something in the local language.

Watch Video Here (Viewer’s Discretion Advised):

Nagaraju & Ashrin Got Married This Year Against Family’s Wishes

According to reports, the victim in the horrific honor killing has been identified as B. Nagaraju. Nagaraju reportedly married Syed Ashrin Sultana earlier in January after knowing her since they were both in Class 10. Nagaraju and Ashrin reportedly got married as per Arya Samaj traditions against the wishes of their respective families.

The Lynching, As It Happened

The brutal killing transpired earlier on Wednesday night on a busy street of Saroornagar, Hyderabad. It should be noted that Sultana allegedly converted into Hinduism and had also changed her name to Pallavi.

Earlier on Wednesday evening, the couple were on a motorcycle, which the victim was driving, when Nagaraju was allegedly attacked by multiple persons. A day after the incident, Assistant Commissioner of Police Sreedhar Reddy said that the suspect in the case is the girl’s brother and brother-in –law.

Brother-in-Law, Brother Arrested

In a Republic TV report, ACP Reddy was quoted saying, “The girl’s brother didn’t like that his sister married someone from a different religion. He made a plan with his brother-in-law and followed the couple. They attacked the deceased with an iron rod and a knife”.

Tension High in Hyderabad

Meanwhile, the victim’s family has staged protest and accused Ashrin’s family of the murder. Tension in the localities near the crime scene is palpable. Hindu activists have also staged protest, demanding appropriate action to be taken against the accused.


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