This Hyderabad school has set up a new benchmark of escalating the competitive mindset among the children of Nursery Schoool.

A picture is currently going viral across the internet which shows the hoarding displaying pictures of students in Nursery class with their marks. As the hoarding reads, the students belong to Priya Bharati High School situated in SatyanagarColony, New Maruthi Nagar, Kothapet, Hyderabad, Telangana. The board consists of pictures of toddlers studying in Nursery class and their CGPA in school grade exams.

It is hard to understand what the school wants to convey. Is it an advertisement for the school’s supreme curriculum or is it a method to create competitive tendency amongst other toddlers. The Indian education system is consecutively criticized for measuring student’s abilities over unstructured grounds.

Students are forced to study and gain exaggerating marks at such a young age. The blooming minds are poured down in the fierce agenda of competing the classmates. But do we even understand the meaning of one term? ‘Creativity’.

Countries like Finland do not push their children for schooling until they are 7 years in age and India we are asking parents to send their 3-year-olds to a school where they can bag higher marks than others at their age.

What are we trying to prove? Are marks the only eligibility criteria for qualifying as a sane individual these days. Schools are endorsed with the children to make them future-ready and a good person. The main purpose of education is to develop a young and immature mind into a crafted genius.

Although, coaching institutes, schools and colleges have set up standards that marks are the only things that matter. A student good with grades in the theoretical subject may not be the genius we are looking for.a