In a tragic incident reported from Hyderabad, a 16-year-old student killed himself in classroom over alleged performance pressure and harassment from teachers. The incident was reported from Hyderabad’s Narsingi and occurred earlier on Tuesday. The deceased was identified as 16-year-old N Sathvik (16), a student of Sri Chaitanya Kalasala college.

The 16-year-old first-year intermediate student, N Sathvik, was found dead by hanging inside a classroom at Sri Chaitanya Kalasala, a prominent private college in Narsingi, on Tuesday night. The student’s parents, relatives, and student organizations staged protests demanding punishment for the staff responsible for the alleged harassment of the deceased, which they claim led to his suicide.

According to reports, the parents alleged that the college staff did not bother to inform them of the death of their son. They also claimed that they had previously complained to the college principal about the harassment committed by their staff against Sathvik, but it allegedly continued. The deceased’s brother and friend also stated that the pressure exerted to perform in studies and torture caused him to be depressed and stay away.

The Narsingi police registered a criminal case on Tuesday night after videos surfaced showing alleged corporal harassment related to the college. The incident has caused tension in the college premises, with protests continuing until Wednesday morning.


Student suicides in India have become a disturbingly common phenomenon, with a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) indicating that over 10,000 students committed suicide in 2019 alone.

Further, more than 13,000 students in India committed suicide in 2021. In the past five years (2016-2021), there was a shocking 27% increase in the number of student suicides in the country. These alarming numbers highlight the pressing need for addressing the mental health challenges faced by students in India.

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The Facts of the Matter

On Tuesday, a tragic incident took place at a school in Hyderabad that has left the entire community in shock. The 16-year-old deceased, who was a student of Class 11 and hailed from a nearby town, allegedly died by suicide in his classroom. He was identified as Sathvik, a student of Sri Chaitanya Kalasala college.

According to the police, the boy was found hanging from a nylon rope. His lifeless body was discovered by his classmates, who were understandably traumatized by the sight.

Deceased’s Body Discovered

It is unclear what led the boy to take this extreme step, as no suicide note was recovered. However, it has been reported that he was preparing for competitive exams and had gone missing after study hours that ended at 10 pm. A search of all the rooms in the school building eventually led to the discovery of his body, which had been hanging for some time.

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Death Sends Shockwave Across Campus

The death of Sathvik has caused significant tension at Sri Chaitanya Kalasala college premises, and it continued till Wednesday morning. The deceased’s parents, relatives, and other students have staged a protest by blocking the road and demanding punishment for the staff responsible for his death.

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Family, Students Make Allegations

They family alleged that the college staff did not bother to inform them about the death of Sathvik. Further, the deceased’s his parents and other students specifically alleged that Principal Acharya, Krishna Reddy, and others used to torture the students.

A case has been registered in the matter.


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