In a shocking incident reported from Hyderabad, a woman reportedly got her husband married to another woman, and then with the help of that woman, got the husband murdered. The incident was reported from Hyderabad’s Sanjay Gandhi Nagar under Jeedimetla Police Station limits and occurred earlier on Sunday night. The deceased in the matter was identified as Suresh (28), an auto driver).

According to reports, the deceased and the accused Renuka got married back in 2016. However, after marriage, Renuka started indulging in alcohol, and spent most of her days at liquor shops drinks. She also got closer to other people, due to which she could sustain her drinking habit.

Meanwhile, Renuka recently met another orphan girl at a liquor shop in Bahadurpally and befriended her. She got closer to the girl, and as the girl was an orphan, she brought her to her home. Further, she also asked her husband to marry her and live with her under the same roof as her.

Suresh married the other girl, and the trio lived together for fifteen days under the same roof. Suresh soon expressed his desire to part ways with Renuka, which enraged her. On Sunday, the trio drank together, and as Suresh slept, she and the orphan girl strangled Suresh with a shawl.

The Facts of the Matter

In a fit of rage over her husband’s neglect, a woman killed him by strangling him with a shawl. However, the most shocking part of the ordeal is the fact that the woman committed the heinous crime with the help of a woman he had convinced her husband to marry and live with. The grim tale of ‘pati, patni aur who’ is reported from Hyderabad.

The incident comes from Sanjay Gandhi Nagar, as per a News18 report. The crime took place under the Jeedimetla police station limits, earlier on Sunday.

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Deceased Auto Driver, Wife Addicted to Alcohol

According to reports, the deceased victim was identified as 28-year-old Suresh, an auto-driver by profession. Suresh was married to accused Renuka and the couple married back in 2016. However, after marriage, Suresh found out that Renuka was addicted to alcohol, and spent most of her days near liquor shops, somehow finding ways to drink more.

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Wife Befriends Orphan Girl, Brings her Home

According to reports, Renuka also got closer to other people when she used to be at the liqour shop. The sordid tale of crime started when Renuka met an orphan girl at the liquor shop. She befriended the new friend she met at the liquor shop and soon took her inside her shelter as the friend was an orphan.

A twist in the tale surfaced when Renuka convinced her husband to marry the woman she befriended her. The husband, wife and the new woman started living together as a trio under the same roof, and had been living together for the last 15 days.

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The “Pati, Patni aur Woh” Friction

Meanwhile, Suresh, after getting married to the orphan woman, expressed his wishes to part ways with Renuka, which became a cause of friction between the couple. On Sunday night, the trio were having alcohol, when another argument ensued between them.

Later when Suresh went to sleep in the influence of alcohol, Renuka and the new woman tied a shawl around Suresh’s neck and strangled him to death.

After Suresh died, the two women packed a body in a gunny bag, and pushed the bag from the second floor of a building where they stayed. Renuka then made a phone call to the deceased husband’s relatives, claiming that her husband had not returned home.

The Lies & the Aftermath

In the aftermath of the crime, Renuka also alleged that someone else killed her husband and left his dead body stuffed in a bag. When the deceased man’s family heard the story, they took to the police, and filed a complaint, suspecting foul play.

Upon investigation, the truth was revealed, and the two women were taken into custody.


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