The tensions on the border have been rising with our friendly neighbour since the PM Narendra Modi led government declared the repealing of Article 370 from The Indian constitution, which gave special status to J&K.

Threats of a nuclear attack, and taking the matter to the UN & International Court of Justice has been rising from in Pakistan. The Indian government, on the other the end chooses to maintain its dignity by not replying to the childish acts of the Pakistani Political Leaders.

Although, Indian Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa on Tuesday broke the Silence. While commenting upon the rising tensions between the two nations, he told about how the Indian Air Force is cautious and alert to face any event that follows at Pakistan’s end after the abrogation of Article 370.

He also briefed that Pakistan’s deployment is continuously monitored and IAF is ready for any eventuality. “Indian Air Force is always cautious. We are responsible for air defence and we are always alert,” he told the press.

He further briefed the press that the air force is not only cautious about the enemy fighter jets and on-border activities. They are also looking up for the civilian aircraft so that another incident like Purulia airdrop does not take place.

Purulia arms drop case took place on 17 December 1995 when unauthorized arms including a very large consignment of AK47 rifles and around a million round of ammunition was dropped and scattered over four villages in West Bengal’s Purulia district. The drop was effected using an Antonov An-26 aircraft (A military cum civilian aircraft).

He further told that there were reports of movement along the Line of Control (LoC) from Pakistan’s side and there have been several encounters of heavy fire the exchange between the two armies at the border after the modification in constitution which ceased J&K’s special status and bifurcated the state into two Union Territories — Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Although last week in a conversation with reporters, Army Chief General Bipin Rawat termed the movement as Normal, still, the chances of warfare are very high. He also told about how the movements are precautionary resource deployments and should not be worried about.

 While showing the concern towards India’s fighter jet assets, Dhanoa said that IAF is flying MIG-21 fighter jets which are around 44 years old.  He commented upon this while, the India defence minister Raj Nath Singh was sitting beside him.

“Over 95 per cent of components required in overhauling is made in India. The Russians are not flying the MiG but we are because we have overhaul facilities,” he said. MIG-21 are one of the fighter jets developed by Russia. Their parts were manufactured in India. The manufacturing process was overhauled that it could not be escalated down. Hence, the government is still using MIG-211 technology which is way too old as compared to that being used by the Pakistani Air Force.

He said that instead of relying on obsolete technology and old warfighting equipment, we should replace them with indigenously developed weapons. As currently, it is not prudent to import every defence equipment from abroad. We Indians do have a lot of faith in our Military power and we believe that they will serve the country in the best manner possible.

However, it will not be bad if the government understands the severity of the situation and equip the forces with the latest weaponry. Instead of underestimating the situation, the government should understand the need of the hour and be prepared for anything that comes along because apart from Pakistani Army at the border, there are several other terrorist organization which operate in and outside the country and pose a serious threat to the nation’s security.