In a moment that was captured on camera and has left netizens stunned, a video of an elephant in Karnataka successfully climbing a fence has gone viral after being shared by an IAS officer. The viral video showed the elephant sizing up the fence outside a forest area. The elephant could’ve tried to knock the small fence down easily. However, the elephant showed its intelligence and amazed people around it by climbing it with great effort.

The incident comes a few years after a tusker in Karnataka died while attempting to climb a fence. The elephant was trying to scale a fence that separated elephants and humans. However, Mahesh Kumar, director of a tiger reserve where the incident happened, claimed that the elephant was safe.


Thanks to modern technology, people across the world don’t have to leave their rooms to see animals doing some hilarious and bizarre things in the wildlife. And with social media, these activities are shared on platforms to have them go viral and immortalize them.

Lately, on Twitter several forest officers and influencers share videos of wild animals being caught in the act. From a King Cobra ‘standing up’ to a man, to a vicious fight of felines where a tiger and a cat were stuck in a well and fought it off, these videos have amazed netizens in numbers.

Recently, a video of an elephant climbing a fence has gone viral.

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The Facts of the Matter

Elephants are one of the most intelligent species in the world. Stories and lore around their memory run deep and wild as the forest they live in. Recently, a elephant gave a testament to its intelligence after it carefully climbed over a fence, leaving netizens amazed and baffled.

The video was shared by IAS Supriya Sahu on Twitter first. Since sharing the video, the video has gone viral with as many as 226.6k views, over 18 thousand likes and over 3,200 retweets.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video that’s now gone viral, an elephant can be seen standing on its hind legs and looking across a cordoned area. The elephant could’ve tried to break through the barrier, but instead of choosing destruction, it decided to climb the railing.

The huge elephant tries to climb over the railing, with one heavy leg at one time. Initially it appears that the elephant had made a mistake, as it looks to be stuck between the two places. However, the animal uses its trunk as a support and puts all its weight on its front two legs. Within a few seconds, the elephant gets on the other side and walks away safely.

Watch Video Here:

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Netizens Baffled At Video of Elephant Crossing Fence

As mentioned earlier, the video is being broadcasted by multiple pages on Twitter and has since achieved the viral status. The elephant’s act of bravery and smartness was lauded by netizens. Meanwhile, some netizens also wondered whether there should be other alternatives for the elephant facing the barrier.

“Omg , these are clear motivational videos madam, there is no real block to progress ,it’s only the mental block,” a person commented on the video shared by IAS Spriya Sahu. “Wow..Nothing is impossible”, wrote another netizen. “Home late, forgot his key?”, quipped another Twitterati.

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