On 4th February, in a shocking incident in Puducherry, a car driver noticed the message on Facebook which reads “Ready to kill Modi who is ready to pay Rs.5 crore”.

A 43-year old man hailing recently made a FB post saying that he will be ready to kill PM Modi if someone pays him Rs 5 crore. The post went viral and caught the attention of a car driver. When the driver forwarded the post to the concerned authority, the police then arrested the man who created the post.

Police said the accused had posted a message stating that he’s ready to kill the PM and wanted to know who would be ready to give him Rs 5 crore for it. Not only that, on his Facebook wall, he had made several posts dishonoring other leaders, in an attempt to instigate communal violence.

A real estate businessman named Sathyanandam, is a resident of neighboring Aryankuppam village. After his arrest, he was produced before a local court which remanded him to judicial custody. He has now been charged under IPC section 505 (1) and 505 (2) for making statements conducing to public mischief and statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill- will between classes.