In an incident that has caught the frenzy and fancy of the netizens, an IFS officer shared a video of a cheetah saving a little frog from a snake. The video has since gone viral on Twitter with netizens showing their wit in comment section. The video showed how we can all get an unlike help at the time when we need the most and can be rescued from the jaws of death, quite literally.

Lately, several IFS officers on Twitter have been sharing videos of animals caught in the act. Not only do these videos entertain and amaze netizens. But they also educate them and let them know more about the fascinating animal kingdom.


We have all studied the concept of food chain in our biology classes in school. The mere name of food chain evokes the illustration of an image of a deer eating tree, the deer being hunted by a fox, and the fox then being hunted by the lion. Another similar illustration showed a mice being eaten by a snake, a snake being the prey of an owl.

But what happens when someone lower on the food chain, gets the help by their apparent hunter, and gets rescued by that animal. The answer to the question can be found in a video shared by an Indian Forest Officer on Twitter.

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The Facts of the Matter

Recently, several IFS officers in India have been sharing fascinating videos of animals caught in the act. Not only do these videos entertain the netizens, but they also make them more curious to learn more about the world of animals. Further such videos also let people respect animals and nature.

Recently, an IFS officer shared the video of a little frog getting a little bit of a help from an unlikely ally – a cheetah!

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What Does the Video Show?

In the barely 15-second video, the viewers are thrown straight into the action. One can see a vicious snake trying to pull a small frog. The frog can be seen between the fangs of the snake and the snake can be seen snatching the frog.

While it may not be able to know what the frog must be feeling, one can surely assume that the frog must be terrified and counting its last breath.

However, to his fortune, and to snake’s bad luck, a cheetah’s paw appears just when the frog was to meet its demise. The entry of the cheetah in the video can almost be considered that of a hero’s acting in the climax of a film. The young cheetah put both its paws on the snake as the frog slides from its mouth to safety.

Watch the Video Here:

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Netizens Amazed at the Dramatic Rescue of Little Frog

As always, the videos stunned and amazed people on Twitter. Till now, the video has been viewed over twelve thousand times on Twitter and has been retweeted over hundred times.

Pictures of 3 Cobras “Giving Blessing” Go Viral

Earlier this week, another picture shared by IFS Officer went viral and shocked netizens beyond their senses. The shocking picture had three magnificent snakes intertwined around a tree trunk, raising their hoods.

IFS Officer Susanta Nanda captioned the picture with, “Blessings… When three cobras bless you at the same time.”

Reportedly, the picture first surfaced on a Facebook group. A user named Rajendra Semalkar shared the fascinating pictures. Reportedly, the moment was captured in Amravati district’s Harisal forest.

Netizens React to 3 Cobras Wrapped Around Tree