The Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi on 1 April 2021 stated that it has achieved its target to reduce the amount of CO2 gas into the atmosphere by 50%. In India, it has become the first Central Government –funded technical institute to minimise 50% carbon footprints.

The institute is the largest power consumer and its mission is to increase the sustainability and green environment by making campus green and smart. It is also working to expand the electricity generation or green power supply. The institute accomplishes its target through the bilateral agreement of power purchase of 2MW with the help of a hydropower generator in Himachal Pradesh (HP).

The IIT director and professor V. Ramgopal Rao said, ‘open access provision in Electricity Act 2003 has made it possible to buy power from the generators of their choice through bilateral contracts or energy exchange, for large consumers of power like IIT Delhi. IIT Delhi made use of these provisions to its advantage by involving PTC India Ltd. as a trader to identify a source of ‘green’ power.

‘Buying 2 Mega Watt of power purchase from ‘green’ generator is equivalent to off-setting about 14000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually’ officially stated by the IIT-D.

The institute stated that “the IIT Delhi has accomplished its responsibility towards the green environment and clean climate through green power initiative”. The power purchase of the institute has green power of 4.7 MW and demands around 8.5 MW that facilitates the academic and hostel area services. It has planned to extend the green power purchase in the upcoming future.

The IIT institute consists of 2.7 Megawatts peak of rooftop solar installation and hydropower of 2 Megawatt. It is also expected that it would save substantial cost with the utilisation of green power procurement stated by the officials of the IIT Delhi. It is also expecting to expand the green power initiative with the help of opportunities for cost-saving and that is facilitated by the energy exchange.

Dr Abhijit Abhyankar, the associate dean and professor of Electrical Engineering of IIT Delhi said, ‘IIT Delhi has created a template for educational institutes who wishes to avail this facility’.

It is also stated that IIT Delhi is planning to spread this concept with the other organisations to increase sustainability power. The Delhi institute has already enabled the facility of E-rickshaw to help the visitors from the parking area to the campus area. Even the institute has implemented Solid waste management and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) of 1.5 MLD to create the 300 acres of campus green and save the environment.