In a baffling incident, an IITian, who had a high-paying job in Dubai, quit his job and took to crime, all in the pursuit of somehow being able to be with his girlfriend! However, the man’s days of basking in the glory of his misdeeds were cut short, as he was arrested. This is the bizarre story of Hemant Kumar Raghu, an IIT-Madras chemical engineering graduate.

Love can make people do crazy things, like quitting a high-paying job and turning to a life of crime. Hemant Kumar Raghu, an IIT-Madras chemical engineering graduate, did just that after falling for a nightclub dancer from Muzaffarpur. He allegedly stole Rs 2.2 lakh from a woman, along with three accomplices, and built a criminal network in the district.

After allegedly stealing Rs 2.2 lakh from a woman, Raghu and his accomplices were caught red-handed by the police. The authorities reportedly found cash, arms, ammunition, and two stolen bikes in their possession. The gang had allegedly been targeting their victims with precise planning, and Raghu had even built a network of criminals in the area to help him with his thieving ways.

It all started when Raghu fell head over heels for a dancer from Muzaffarpur. In exchange for quitting her nightclub job, he agreed to move with her to her hometown in Bihar.

The Facts of the Matter

Ah, love. It’s a funny thing, isn’t it? One moment you’re living your best life, working your dream job, and minding your own business, and the next thing you know, you’re quitting your high-paying gig in Dubai to become a professional thief in the dusty streets of Bihar.

That’s right, folks, love can make people do some crazy things. It can turn rational, level-headed individuals into reckless risk-takers, and intelligent, educated folks into criminals.

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IIT-ian in Dubai Lands in Jail Cell

Hemant Kumar Raghu, an IIT-Madras chemical engineering graduate, apparently made a life-changing decision that took him from a high-paying MNC job in Dubai to a jail cell in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. What could have possibly driven him to such an unlikely fate, you might ask?

Raghu, whose roots are in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, was recently arrested along with three accomplices for allegedly stealing Rs 2.2 lakh from a woman. The police discovered a stash of cash, arms, ammunition, and two stolen bikes in their possession.

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Meeting Dancer, Convincing her to Quit Job

Raghu’s interrogation revealed that he allegedly turned to a life of crime after meeting and falling for a dancer from Muzaffarpur.

In an effort to prove his undying loyalty to his newfound love, Raghu reportedly convinced his girlfriend to quit her nightclub job and return with him to her hometown in Bihar. Unfortunately, this meant he had to give up his cushy job in Dubai and his high-flying lifestyle.

The Life of Crimes After 15 Years of Chemical Engineering

Raghu embarked on a new career path – that of a professional thief. According to Muzaffarpur (East) DSP Manoj Pandey, Raghu built a network with criminals in the district and picked his targets with precise planning. It seems that Raghu’s 15-year career in chemical engineering had given him the skills he needed to become a mastermind criminal.

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Law Catches Up to Raghu

However, Raghu’s life of crime was short-lived. The police had him on their radar during surveillance to crack a looting case filed on April 11. An investigation team traced the gang to a brick kiln at Madhopur, where Raghu had been living as a tenant. Unfortunately for him, his criminal activities had finally caught up with him, and he was arrested along with his accomplices.


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