After being fined by the Delhi HC for her 5G Suit, actress turned activist Juhi Chawla said how an important message got lost in the noise. After the entire debacle around the implementation of 5G that lasted for a week, Chawla explained why she filed the plea in the High Court and cleared her position on the future cellular technology.


A few days after she was fined by the Delhi High Court a sum of Rs. 20 lakh, Juhi Chawla took to her social media platforms and tried giving a reason why she filed a suit against 5G. “In the past few days there was so much noise, that I couldn’t even hear my own voice!” Chawla said with a smile on her face.

She further continued-

“And in that noise, I believe a very important message maybe got lost. And that message was – We are not against 5G! In fact, we are very welcoming of it! I would urge that it be brought to India.”

It should be noted that Chawla had the same position on 5G before the starting of the trial as well.

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“Publish all findings on public domain”

Chawla added that the research around the safety of 5G should be published on public domain.

“All we are asking is that the authorities, they certify 5G safe. All we are asking is that you certify the technology safe and you publish all the findings, research and evidences on public domain. So that our fear is alleviated,”

-she said.

The Darr actress concluded her address and said-

“We just want to know that it is safe for children, for pregnant women, for unborn children, for people who are old, for Flaura & fauna. All these things are safe and sound, that’s it. That is all we’re asking.”

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Chawla’s Earlier Position on 5G

As mentioned earlier, Chawla’s position on 5G after being slammed Rs. 20 lakh as fine by the Delhi High Court is similar to what she had when she had filed the plea. In her statement, she had said-

“We are not against the implementation of technological advancements. On the contrary, we enjoy using the latest products that the world of technology has to offer, including in the field of wireless communications.”

The statement further added that according to studies Chawla and other 3 plaintiffs concerning evidences were identified around the RF radiation.

“We have sufficient reason to believe that the radiation is extremely harmful and injurious to the health and safety of the people.”

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Juhi Chawla VS 5G: Chawla’s plea gets rejected, Rs. 20 lakhs fine imposed

On June 4, the Delhi High Court had dismissed the plea filed by Chawla and other plaintiffs Veeresh Malik and Tina Vachani against 5G’s implementation. The single-judge bench of Justice J.R. Midha ruled that the suit was filed as a publicity stunt.

“Plaintiffs abused process of law. Costs of Rs 20 lakh is imposed on plaintiffs. It appears plaintiffs have filed this suit for publicity, which is clear by the plaintiff 1 [Chawla] sharing links of the hearing on her social media, which led to multiple disruptions in the hearing,”

-the Delhi High Court ruled.

Justice Midha also ruled that the complaint was defective and said that-

“No case made out for leave to institute suit (under Section 80)..or to sue in representative capacity. Plaint is defective and not maintainable.”

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“Ghoonghat ki aad se..”: Hearing gets interrupted by songs from Chawla’s films

Earlier, the virtual hearing on June 2 was disrupted multiple times by rogue unidentified attenders who kept interrupting the hearing by singing songs of Juhi Chawla’s films.

In that hearing, another important development arose when Advocate Deepak Khosla, who represented Chawla and other plaintiffs asked the Court to consider a waiver of CPC Section 80. According to CPC Section 80, a suit can’t be filed against the Government until 2 months have passed of sending the government a notice in writing.

It should be noted that Juhi Chawla had herself posted the link to the virtual hearing on her Instagram and Twitter handle, and had moreover asked people to attend the hearing.