In India, the government allowed public as well as private workplaces to inoculate the COVID-19 vaccine known as COVAXIN with about 100 workers and aged above 45 years. The vaccine doses will start from 11th April 2021 stated by the Union Health Minister.

This decision came out due to the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases across the country. In the span of the last 24 hours 1.15 lakh new cases of COVID-19 found. As per Worldometer India ranked the third position due to the increase of COVID-19 cases. India recorded 12,929,574 cases and 166,892 deaths with recovered 11,851,393 people.

Union Health Minister Rajesh Bhushan stated a letter to the Principal and Chief secretaries, “To increase access of vaccines to people above 45 years and above, COVID-19 vaccination sessions may be organised at public as well as private workstations which have 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries by tagging these workplaces with an existing COVID-19 vaccination centre.”

In the letter, he also stated some specific guidelines prepared by the Centre. Due to the rapid increase in the COVID-19 cases from the one month, the Centre directed all government employees must be inoculated above the age of 45.

The Health Minister said that the government supports all the State government and Union Territories, to increase the COVID-19 vaccine doses and inoculation at the Centre. The Minister also stated that to increase the vaccine doses the government will organize the vaccination sessions at public and private offices.

The government is making an easy process for the Centres and half of the population so that all above 45 years of age could be inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. As per the issued guidelines people above aged 45 years are eligible to inoculate the vaccination dose from the Centre.

Even he stated that ‘only family members are permitted to take vaccine dose but no other outsiders are allowed in the vaccination process.’ During the vaccination, one of the senior officers will be allowed to operate with the nodal officer to cooperate with the district health departments or Vaccination Centres/COVID Vaccination Centre (CVC).’

The Centres stated that the district magistrate and municipal commissioner identify the vaccination station provided at the workplace and the management team.

The nodal officer will ensure the registration of the people who will take vaccine dose after the registration of people on the Co-WIN portal. The registration process will only be available to the employees working at the workplace before vaccine doses. The process of registration can be done on the vaccination day also but before the inoculation.

The Centres stated in the guidelines that, “the schedule of the vaccine dose sessions can be made up to 15 days in advance and intimated to the workplace so that maximum attendance is ensured on the day of vaccination and almost it will be completed in less than 15 days.”

The process of registration will be planned for at least 50 beneficiaries. It is also a responsibility to ensure no waste of vaccination. The government offices will be linked with the govt. hospitals to ensure the safety and security of the beneficiaries. Whereas, the private offices will be linked with the private hospitals and the hospital will take care of the proper inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Even the workplace will be registered on the Co-WIN portal and it the responsibility of the Centres to ensure that the vaccine doses should be provided in the rooms, not in a tent.