The India Quotient firm in 2014 invested Rs.50 lakh in Indian language social media platforms ShareChat and the amount rose to Rs.270 crores. Today the amount increased to 540 times the original amount and the venture achieved the highest growth in the market.

The founding partner of India Quotient Anand Lunia stated, “An opportunity fund becomes a micro-cap portfolio containing high growth companies validated with strong investors. So now, we have reduced mortality, reduced duration and yet retain venture (level) returns”.

The India Quotient venture has a 4% stake in ShareChat and now the value of those shares is around $500 M which was valued at $1.2 Billion.

ShareChat on Thursday said that the company has raised $502 million with the participation of Indian Quotient, Twitter, and Snap and became a unicorn valued at $2.1 Billion.

The CEO of ShareChat Ankush Sachdeva stated that “the ShareChat and Moj app are well-positioned to build the largest AI-powered content ecosystem in India.”

India Quotient stated that it has invested in ShareChat, India’s unicorn, about $10million (Rs 700 crores) which is more than the size of its first three venture. The company’s current property value has not been materialised into cash but it will materialise soon.

Anand Lunia is the founder and Madhukar Sinha is the Managing partner of India Quotient Company. Lunia stated that everyone would tell Indians don’t know how to develop applications and software, or cannot design social media platform but, “We wanted to find India’s Facebook.”

Lunia added, “By now the ban on Chinese players seems comprehensive. We feel that this is the beginning of the real opportunity.”

India Quotient is a start-up venture and capital investment firm started in 2012 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company invests in technology companies and focus on diversified sectors such as fin-tech, content, health-tech, online-first brands and education sectors.

Madhukar Sinha stated that, “There is the potential to grow at least 15-20 times from here. ShareChat and India Quotient are already four times bigger than other players in the market and this rounds us the chance to widen that gap.”

The founder of India Quotient and managing partners are very happy with this investment. Even India Quotient intends to close the raising support for the extra asset alongside the last close of its $60 million third investment store by September. India Quotient will use its add-on fund to invest in organisations like Lendingkart, Sugar cosmetics and Loantop. The endeavour has selected Kotak Wealth Management to showcase the funds and assets.

The India Quotient firm started its business in 2012 with its assets of $5M that has grown to $18 in 2015. For the past 8 years, the company has invested in approximately 70 start-up companies.

Sinha added that Luck is important but more important is to focus on the strategies and hard work to achieve success. He said that “We have been lucky because we have consistently invested in this space.”

In the upcoming future, the India Quotient and ShareChat could be one of the highest profitable Startups in India.