The technology is touching new heights every single day and the world has finally reached a place where the long-awaited electronic vehicles are making their debut. It is expected that by the end of the year 2019, India will also not stay untouched by the electronic vehicle technology. 

Below are listed 5 Electrical vehicles which might be launching in India by the end of the year2019.

1. Hyundai Kona.

The company is launching its first electric vehicle in two variants. One has 100KW powered motor backed by a 39kWh battery pack and another variant has a 150kW motor with a 64kWh battery pack. Hyundai is planning to launch an all-new SUV which is expected to run 300 km in a single charge.

Expected Launch Price: Rs 25 Lakhs

Expected Launch Date: 09 Jul’19

2. Revolt RV400.

This all-electric motorcycle which is well decorated with new & unique features. It has a swappable battery location as well as artificial intelligence assistance.

Expected Launch Price: Rs. 1 – 1.3 Lakhs

Expected Launch Date: Jul’19

3. MG eZS.

The new SUV  being launched by MG is a dream come true for all the bike-riders. The bike can travel from 0 kmph to 50 kmph in just 3.1 seconds. It will be equipped with Hector’s Internet-based iSMART technology. This SUV is also expected to run for 300 km in a single charge.

Expected Launch Price: Rs. 25 Lakh

Expected Launch Date: 15 Nov’19

4. Mahindra eKuv100.

Mahindra will be launching eKUV100 which is the electric version of its former KUV 100. It looks similar to the regular version except for minor changes in design and appearance. It will be powered with a 3-phase AC induction, a 31 kW electric motor coupled to a lithium-ion battery. This setup will make the car run up to 140 km in single charging. With fast charging, users can charge the battery to 80% in less than an hour.

Expected Launch Price: 10 Lakh

Expected Launch Date: 20 Jul’19

5. Tork T6X.

It is India’s first electric bike. The bike company is expected to   India’s two-wheeler market with this product. Tork T6X can run 100 km in a single charge with a top speed of 100 kmph. It will come with a 6kW motor, at 27 Nm of torque. It will also be equipped with lithium-ion batteries.

Expected Launch Price: Rs. 1.6 Lakhs

Expected Launch Date: End of 2019

These innovations will make the world a better place. The world is diseased with pollution and everything call for immediate actions. With the advent of electronic vehicle era, we can expect a lot of reduction in air pollution due to non-combustion of fuel. Let us hope for a better and a greener tomorrow.