Amid states flagging shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, top government sources were quoted by ANI saying that by the end of September, India is to get vaccines from 5 more manufacturers. This includes Sputnik V, Jonson & Jonson, Zydus Cadila ZyCov-D, Novavax, and Bharat Biotech’s BBV154.

Currently, indian vaccination drive is making the use of two COVID-19 vaccines: Covishield and Covaxin.


Currently, vaccination centres across the country are using two vaccines that are approved for emergency use. This includes Covishield and Covaxin. Covishield is made in partnership of Oxford University and AstraZeneca and manufactured by Serum Institute of India. Covaxin is manufactured by Bharat Biotech and is developed by Indian council of Medical Research.

Lately, there have been states like Maharashtra, Punjab and more that have been raising their voices against vaccine shortage in the country. In order to ramp up the vaccination drive and inoculate as many people as possible, the Central Government will be introducing 5 more vaccines.


A government source was quoted by ANI saying, “India currently has 2 Covid-19 vaccines being manufactured locally: Covishield and Covaxin, and we can expect five more vaccines by Q3 2021.”

“These vaccines are Sputnik V vaccine (in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s), Johnson & Johnson vaccine (in collaboration with Biological E), Novavax vaccine (in collaboration with Serum India), Zydus Cadila’s vaccine, and Bharat Biotech’s Intranasal Vaccine,” the source said.

“Safety and efficacy are the Union government’s primary concerns while granting emergency use authorisation (EUA) to any Covid-19 vaccine in the country,” added the source.


Sputnik V

There are around 20 COVID-19 vaccines that are under various stages of clearances.

But among these, Russia’s Sputnik V will be getting EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) nod first. The development can take place as early as in next 10 days.

Sputnik V will be manufactured by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Hetero Biopharma, Stelis Biopharma, Gland Biopharma and Vichrow Biotech. These pharmaceutical manufacturers were contacted by the RDIF (Russian Direct Investment Fund) for the collaboration.

The Russian vaccine works similar to the currently used AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine. After a person is jabbed by the Sputnik V their body will produce antibodies tailored to beat the COVID-19 virus.

According to the late-stage trial results, the vaccine from Russia shows 92% efficacy against the virus.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine

J&J has struck partnership with Hyderabad-based Biological E and will be manufacturing around 1 billion doses of its vaccine. Once in production and deployed, the vaccine can help several hundred thousand of Indians to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Unlike Covishield or Covaxin, which are currently being used for vaccination, the J&J vaccine is a single-jab vaccine. Meaning that one would only need to take a single shot of the vaccine and would not have to report to get another shot.

According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the J&J vaccine showed an efficacy rate of 72% in treating symptomatic illness in the USA.

Zydus-Cadila ZyCov-D

Developed by Zydus-Cadila, the ZyCov-D has already undergone the 3rd stage of the clinical trial and 150 symptomatic patients have been administered the vaccine.

The first two phases were completed in January 2020 and the 3rd phase involves 30,000 volunteers being studied on. So far the efficacy data of the vaccine is not unlocked. According to Pankaj Patel, chairman of Zydus-Cadila group, the vaccine may hit Indian market between May-June, 2020.

Bharat Biotech’s BBV154

If all goes according to the plan, Bharat Biotech’s BBV154 will be the world’s first intranasal vaccine against COVID-19 virus.

Usually, vaccines are administered as injectable shots into the muscles or the tissue between muscle and skin. However, in intranasal vaccine, a solution is sprayed into the nostrils and the vaccine is inhaled, instead of being injected.

The BBV154 is being developed by Precision Virologics and Bharat Biotech.


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