India is likely to hold NSA level meet on Afghanistan and has invited NSA from China, Pakistan and more countries. The invitees also include NSAs (National Security Advisors) of Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. It has taken plenty of time to organize such a meeting as the dates were delayed previously. It will be involving the Taliban matter, and it has already been confirmed that a Taliban delegation will be attending a meeting organized by Russia. For the Moscow format talks, which is likely to be held on October 20th, India will also take part.

For the India NSA meet, no such delegation from the Taliban has been invited. As of now, if Pakistan NSA Yusuf will attend the meeting conducted by India, it will be his first visit to India. The conference is likely on the dates of 10th November or 11th November.


The Taliban forces have reformed the Afghan capital Kabul and Afghans are still powerless to control anything which barely sits in their hands. All trading posts have now come under the Taliban. When the Taliban made its way to Kabul, all the residents panicked and made their way to the countryside and the airport in the dream of fleeing. India sent airplanes to Kabul to bring Indian ambassadors and refugees and only the Indian embassy employees and their families were evacuated.

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India’s Take on Taliban Issue

India has taken matters on Taliban swiftly, and the reaction is bilateral. It was a direct problem for India after the Taliban captured Afghanistan. It all comes down to the terrorist groups who wanted an opportunity to use Afghanistan and destabilize their religion in the region. India invested a considerable sum in construction sites of Afghanistan, and as of now, it is just the involvement of frail Jammu and Kashmir. After such tensions, an unstable Afghanistan will be the last thing India wants.

Pakistan’s NSA Attending the Meeting

The Pakistan deputy confirmed that an invitation had been sent to Pakistan’s NSA for attending the meeting conducted by India. It will play a huge advantage if Pakistan’s NSA joins the meeting. It will be his first visit to India as Pakistan’s NSA. India’s NSA and Pakistan’s NSA had attended the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s meet in Dushanbe held in June.

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Who Will the Meeting Chaired By?

The NSA meeting held in India will be chaired by NSA Ajit Doval. India will also participate in the meeting held by Russia for the Moscow format talks on Afghanistan. It will also enable formal contact between the Taliban’s government and New Delhi’s government.

Will India Be Able to Resolve the Issue?

It is difficult to state that India will be able to resolve the issue. The forces in Afghanistan are not even getting controlled by the US military. As the USA is known as the giant superpower, Kabul residents had expectations of removing the roots of the Taliban from the Afghanistan capital. India will not revolt ingo any war as the deal with Jammu and Kashmir is still fragile.

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Taliban Spokesperson During the NSA Meet

The Taliban spokesperson has confirmed to be present at the NSA meeting held by Russia. No Taliban spokesperson will participate in the New Delhi NSA meet. It is expected to bring out solutions as the issue is getting worse day by day. Afghan women are getting limitations for their education, and hijab is mandatory wherever they go. Explosions are everywhere to instill fear in the residents of Kabul.