On Monday, a clear example of Indian jugaad made buzz where a Kerala couple used a cooking vessel as boat to reach wedding venue amid the floods. The couple’s wedding literally and figuratively became a ‘monsoon wedding’ as it came at a time when the entire state is enduring the wrath of rain gods. While 26 people from Kerala have already passed away due to flood, the news of this young couple braving the flood to get married is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.


In 2017, the world-famous and heavily relied on Oxford Dictionary added the word ‘Jugaad’ in its list of words. According to the dictionary the colloquial Indian term means, “a flexible approach to solve a problem, that uses limited resources in an innovative way”. The word comes from Central and North region of India, where people somehow manage to do the impossible with limited resources.

Recently, a couple from Kerala made it to the limelight after it gave a perfect representation of what Jugaad means.

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The Facts of the Matter

It’s often said that nothing can come in the way of a young couple’s love. Poets and writers have written pages and pages on how true love and will is enough for a couple to navigate the treacherous paths that stop their union.

Meet Rahul and Aishwarya – the truly ‘Hatke’ Couple from Kerala

Rahul and Aishwarya, a young couple from Kerala have proven the above notion true. The couple, along with their relatives, braved the floods and travelled to their wedding venue. How did they make their way through the flooded Kerala streets? Well, by using a huge copper vessel as a boat of course!

According to reports, Rahul and Aishwarya sat inside a huge vessel, often used in weddings to prepare food for the guests. The vessel was used as a boat, and their wedding guests pushed and pulled and towed the vessel to a distance of about 500 meters where their wedding venue was located.

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Roads Submerged a Day Before Wedding Due to Extreme Rains

Rahul and Aishwarya both belong to a small locality near Alappuzha in Kerala. Their wedding venue was a local temple located at Thakazhi. Unfortunately, due to heavy torrential rains that has been hitting the state since the last three days, the roads to their wedding venue were completely inaccessibly.

The couple, who were looking forward to getting married at the auspicious time in their temple with their relative’s blessings were shocked. But they remained undeterred. Soon a decision was made, the couple would make their way to the temple using the reliable wedding vessel.

Decked Up Couple Make Way to the Venue – in Vessel

Visuals on Twitter show the excited couple smiling as their relatives are walking beside them on the flooded streets of Kerala. While Aishwarya can be seen decked up in her traditional saree and wedding jewelry, Rahul can be seen sitting comfortably in the vessel without awkwardness.

Watch the Video Here:

Couple Gets Married on Muhuruth Time

Soon, the couple made it to their wedding venue before the muhuruth (auspicious time) and they soon got married in the presence of their relatives and loved ones. The whole ordeal received the attention of local media that covered the wedding. The couple spoke to the reporters after the wedding and said that their wedding invitee list was small due to COVID-19.

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“We Were Not Scared”: Couple Speaks to Reporters

Further, reports also state them telling the reporters that they decided to go ahead with the wedding despite the situation as it was an auspicious time and they didn’t want to delay it further.

When asked if they were scared of traveling in the vessel, Rahul was quoted saying, “We were not scared to travel in the vessel.”

The incident received love on Twitter. A netizen wrote, “It’s been tough for many. But then there is also some wedding cheer, amid it! This couple – Akaash & Aishwarya, use a huge cooking vessel to wade through flood waters in Alappuzha district, to get to their own wedding venue. Wishing them all the happiness, and easy sail!”