4th December is celebrated as Indian Navy Day. This day has a special place in the books of history because on this day the Indian Navy’s three warships, namely INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer, played a crucial role in the Operation Trident, an attack set in motion by the Indian Navy on Karachi harbor during 1971’s Indo-Pakistan war. It was observed that for the first time an anti-ship missile was used in the any operation.

As a part of the operation, the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels and ravaged Karachi harbor fuel fields in Pakistan. India inflicted heavy damages on Pakistani vessels without suffering any loss during the operation.

The Indian Navy fleet sailed from Gujarat’s Okha Port towards Pakistani waters to attack the Karachi port. As and when the fleet reached 70 miles south of Karachi, in the dark hours, missiles were fired aiming Pakistani vessel PNS Khaibar and eventually their vesse sank.

On this day, Indian Navy attack on Karachi Harbour pinned ultimate victory of the Indian Armed Forces over Pakistan.

The soldiers of Indian Navy who were part of this successful operation were honored with gallantry awards.

The theme for 2020 Indian navy day is “Indian Navy combat ready, credible and cohesive”.

On the eve of Indian Navy Day, the Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh, while addressing a press conference said that Covid 19 and Chinese invasion in the north has posed new challenges and the Navy is ready to face these challenges.

Generally every year, this day is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and programs are organised for citizens to connect. But this year due to Covid-19 restrictions everything is shifted online.

The Indian Navy Day is celebrated for majorly three reasons. First and foremost for the welfare of the servicemen and their families. Secondly for rehabilitation of casualties in battle and resettlement. Lastly, welfare of ex- servicemen and their families.

Team Shiksha thanks them for their services to our mother land.