In a shocking incident reported from New York, an Indian-origin woman, Mandeep Kaur, recently died by suicide after enduring 8-years of domestic abuse. 30-year-old Mandeep Kaur, died after taking her life earlier on August 3.

She reportedly endured repeated domestic abuse by her husband Ranjodhbeer Singh Sandhu. Following the death of Mandeep Kaur, netizens on social media have expressed their outraged, and have demanded strict actions to be taken against Kaur’s husband for his alleged abuse.

According to a Better India report, Mandeep shared a video before taking her life, in which she alleged that she was abused by her husband for eight years. The video showed a tearful Mandeep sharing how her husband used to physically assault her in the influence of alcohol, and sometimes without drinking. She further alleged that her husband abused her while he had multiple extra-marital affairs.

Since her passing, social media has been flooded with purported videos, including CCTV footages, which showed Ranjodhbeer assaulting Mandeep Kaur.

Reportedly, both Mandeep and Ranjodhbeer hail from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Mandeep is survived by her two daughters, aged 4 and 6. Ranjodhbeer Singh Sandhu meanwhile works as a truck driver.

Now, an online portal called ‘The Kaur Movement’ has been set up, meant to raise awareness around violence of all kinds South Asian women continue endure.

The Facts of the Matter

According to the MEA, as many as 3,955 complaints of domestic abuse were filed by NRI wives between 2017-2020. Further, 50,000 cases have been filed in NRI marriages, pertaining to domestic abuse, with most cases being filed from Punjab, where 32,000 NRI brides filed complaint alleging domestic abuse.

Recently, an Indian-origin Punjabi woman, identified as Mandeep Kaur, died by suicide in New York, after enduring 8 years of domestic abuse from her husband, and in-laws.

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Mandeep Kaur Shares her Plight

In a video gone viral, Mandeep Kaur can be heard sharing her plight. The video was allegedly taken by Kaur herself, before she took the grave step of taking her own life. In the video, Mandeep mentions that she has decided to take her life. Adding that she tried her best to endure his husband’s abuse, she mentioned that she now cannot tolerate his daily abuse. She also added that she accepted his actions in a hope that he will mend his ways.


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She went on to say that although she didn’t want to leave her two daughters behind, she can’t tolerate the torture she is forced to endure, and hence is taking the extreme step.

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Mother-in-Law Prompted Sandhu

In the nearly five-minute long video, Mandeep mentioned how her husband had multiple affairs over the course of years. She also noted how her father got her husband booked in a case. However, after his repeated pleas, he got released. She also claimed that her mother-in-law was abusive towards her and her family, and further prompted Sandhu to abuse her.

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Video Shows Sandhu Abusing Mandeep Kaur

Following her demise, social media is flooded with videos of Sandhu hitting and torturing Mandeep Kaur. In one of the purported videos, Sandhu can be seen strangling Mandeep in the presence of their two young daughters, pleading Sandhu to not hit their mother.


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Mandeep Kaur’s plight, and her tragic step of taking her life struck a chord with netizens who have demanded justice for her. “The Kaur Movement”, an online platform, has also been setup to raise awareness around the incident, and around the abuse South Asian women endure.


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