Indian-origin ‘werewolf killer’ Pankaj Bhasin, who was jailed for stabbing a stranger about 50 times recently got on a bunch of dating apps post his release. While most of us who have been on dating apps are guilty of downplaying or over-exaggerating our traits to get more matches, Pankaj has downplayed his past by a whole lot.

The matter was brought forth thanks to a recent court filing, where a screenshot of Pankaj’s dating profile had been added. The prosecutors’ argument was simple – shedding light on the fact that Pankaj was not representation himself accurately. In his dating profile, Pankaj called himself “an easy-going adventurer who believes in universal connection”.

Further, his dating profile also reads that he recently got back “from two years of travel”, well, we are not sure if being jailed and traveling are the two same things, but we will let the readers online be the judge of it.

For the unversed, Pankaj Bhasin was dubbed the ‘werewolf killer’ by local media after he stabbed a 65-year-old store manager Brad Jackson, more than 50 times. Shockingly, he was found not guilty after his defense claimed that he had a psychotic break.

Earlier in 2021, Khalil Wheeler-Weaver aka the dating app serial killer was sentenced to 160 years of imprisonment. He used to lure women on dating platforms, and then take their lives.

The Facts of the Matter

The odds of bumping into a murderer are quite low, the odds of meeting one on a dating platform are even lower. However, if you’re from Virginia, you may just match with Pankaj Bhasin aka the ‘werewolf killer’ who recently created his dating profile on Facebook.

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Murderer Gets on Dating Site

The incident was brought to the fore after his prosecutors asked the case judge to ban him from using social media, or allow them to see what he is up on the internet.

The prosecutors claimed that Pankaj was sharing false information about himself.

“Because the acquittee may be meeting potential romantic partners while not only concealing but actively lying about his recent history, those individuals may be put at risk during a time when the acquittee is first transitioning to the community,” the motion read.

What Does Pankaj Bhasin’s Dating Profile Say

On his Facebook dating profile, Pankaj called himself “an easy-going adventurer who believes in universal connection” and as someone who got back from “two years of travel.”

The judge agreed to the motion and ordered Bhasin to take his social media profile down till he is out on conditional release. He will be allowed to use LinkedIn to keep looking for job and get employment opportunities.

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The Shocking Case of Pankaj Bhasin’s ‘Werewolf’ Murder

Earlier in 2018, 34-year-old Indian-origin Pankaj Bhasin walked into a store in Alexandria to check some boxes that he had believed to be having human DNA. He then saw Brad, a 65-year-old manager of the store, and presume that Brad would have some more knowledge about “boxes with human DNA”.

The two men had a heated interaction, following which Bhasin went into a state of psychosis and thought that Brad was turning into a “werewolf”.

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“I killed the wolf..”

This prompted him to stab Brad over 50 times. While he was being arrested, he told police, “I killed the wolf”, and added that there was “time to save 99% of the moon and planets.”

While a jury never came to consensus if Pankaj was even fit to stand on trial, he was made to serve three years in a mental institution and was released in June 2021.


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