Doosra – This is an app that provides customers virtual phone numbers. People can give Doosra number by not providing their real number to anyone.

These days it has become necessary to provide a phone number for most of the service. Whether you go to a shopping center or take an online service. You have to provide your phone number almost everywhere. These numbers go in bulk to marketing agencies, and after that you will get lots of spam calls. Start-up offers subscription-based service to protect you from spammer. If you have an Indian mobile no, you can get a Doosra number on the same phone. It requires No SIM and is instantly activated.

How a Doosra phone number works

1. Your Doosra number does not require a separate SIM card or phone. It works on your existing phone. Just Download the app!
2. All incoming calls to your Doosra number are blocked by default and go straight to voicemail. You can also answer calls when required.
3. The Doosra app lets you whitelist contacts – allowing them to call or message you on your Doosra number without being blocked.
4. The Doosra app allows you to callback any incoming call it has blocked without revealing your real number. Be incognito when needed!

Whom to share it with

  1. Pharmacies
  2. Websites
  3. Shopping Malls
  4. Restaurants
  5. Car Dealerships
  6. Networking Events
  7. Dating Apps
  8. Delivery Apps
  9. Grocery Stores
  10. Classifieds

What you cannot do

Significantly, you will not be able to call anyone with a virtual number, nor will you be able to create an account on social media or messaging app. That is, you can only receive calls, voice messages and messages from your virtual number.

Although the virtual phone number service is not free, they have 2 plans as far now, ₹499 for 6 months, ₹699 for a year.