In a seething moment caught on cam, Indian Union Minister Ajay Mishra lost his temper and lunged at a reporter when he was asked about his imprisoned son. Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish is currently in the prison after his involvement in the Lakhimpur violence was accepted by a special investigation team.

On Wednesday, news agency ANI shared a video in which a fuming Ajay Mishra is abusing reporter who asked the whereabouts of his imprisoned son. He was also heard saying, “Don’t you feel ashamed?” in the local language as well.


Like many complex issues, the coverage around the Lakhimpur violence has been murkier at best with questions like, what’s real, what’s authentic, what’s doctored, who’s in the right and who’s in the wrong, have raised its heads at points.

Earlier in October, four farmers among 8 were run over by a convoy of three SUVs. On preliminary investigations, it was revealed that the SUV belonged to Ajay Mishra, Union Minister of State. The four farmers were on the other hand were run over while they were protesting in Lakhimpur against the now revoked 3 farmer’s law.

Following the incident, the farmers claimed that it was MoS Mishra’s son who was driving one of the SUVs while Mishra claimed that his son was not present while the incident took place.

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The Facts of the Matter

Already under stress due to his son’s imprisonment, MoS Ajay Mishra lost his head on Wednesday when reporters asked him about his son and his involvement in the Lekhimpur Kheri violence. Mr. Mishra found himself being triggered while he was interacting with media persons on the occasion of the inauguration of an oxygen plant in Lakhimpur.

“Dimag Kharab Hai Kya?” MoS Mishra Calls Reporters “Chor”

At one point, Mr. Mishra tells the media persons to shut off their cameras and turn their smartphones off. He also insulted the reporters and asked whether they have shame or not. “Dimag kharab hai kya bey?”, Mr. Mishra says, while adding that the reporters should see that there are several people gathered.

According to reports, Mr. Mishra’s temper evaporated when he was asked about the ongoing investigation on his son which states that the latter must be charged with murder. Further, visuals shared on social media also show him lunging on a reporter and coming uncomfortably close to the reporter with aggression.

Watch the Video Here:

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Congress Issues Adjournment Notice, Demands Removal of Ajay Mishra

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the already loud Winter Session of Indian Parliament reached a new pandemonium when Congress leaders became more vocal on the new developments surrounding Lakhimpur Kheri violence. Rahul Gandhi issued an adjournment notice in Lok Sabha and sought the removal of Ajay Mishra.

In the adjournment notice, Mr. Gandhi wrote, “The government should immediately sack the MoS, Home Affairs, Ajay Kumar Mishra, and ensure that justice is delivered to the families of the victims.”

In the response to Congress Party’s unified appeal, the BJP held its own protest in the Parliament. The BJP claimed that Congress is deliberate choosing to have Parliament not function. The BJP also rejected Congress’ demand of resignation of MoS Mishra and further ruled out a discussion on the matter, citing that it is sub-judicie.

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Lakhimpur Killings Were “Deliberate with Attempt to Kill”: SIT

Meanwhile, the special investigation team that was appointed to probe into the matter came with explosive response. The SIT claimed that the killing of the four farmers was a “planned conspiracy” and that the killings were “deliberate with an intention to kill”, and didn’t happen out of “negligence or callousness”.