In a recent development, India’s biggest car thief, who allegedly stole as many as 5,000 vehicles in 27 years, was finally arrested in the national capital Delhi. The accused, identified as Anil Chauhan, had been involved in over 180 criminal cases, that ranged from possession of illegal arms to horn smuggling of endangered species. After evading arrest for over two decades, the Assam resident was finally arrested earlier on August 23.

According to police, Anil has been the biggest car thief in the country, who stole thousands of cars in a time span of over two decades. The accused was arrested thanks to a tip-off by the special staff of the Central Delhi Police. At the time of his arrest, Anil was involved in arms smuggling. He was reportedly smuggling arms from Uttar Pradesh, and had been selling them to people in North Eastern states.

While the man’s exploits may sound astounding, his beginnings were as humble as any. In the beginning of his career, he used to drive autorickshaws in Delhi. He stole his first car after 1995, and was known for targeting Maruti 800 during that time.

The accused used to steal cars and send them to other parts of the country, including Jammu & North Eastern States. Furthermore, he was also accused of killing taxi drivers.

The Facts of the Matter

The Delhi Police recently arrested a ‘super chor’, who had reportedly stolen 5,000 vehicles in 27 years. The accused, Anil Chauhan, was arrested thanks to a tip-off. Police has since gone on record to mention that Anil is the “biggest car thief in India”, who was also involved in crimes such as smuggling of illegal arms, and smuggling of endangered species’ horns.

Accused had 181 Cases against him, had Been in Jail Before

According to reports, the 52-year-old accused lived a lavish lifestyle, and had properties across Delhi, Mumbai and North East. The accused is a native of Assam, and also sold illegal arms to organizations and people from North Eastern states.

After his arrest, the police recovered six pistols and seven cartridges from his possession. Reportedly, the accused was involved in 181 cases, and had earlier been convicted for five years in 2015. He was released in 2020.

Resuming Life of Crime after ED Raids

The accused resumed his life of committing thefts again after the Enforcement Directorate conducted raids at his home in connection to cases lodged against him. The ED had seized his property, and was later sold by a bank at an auction.

Getting Infamous for Stealing Maruti 800s

Initially in the beginning of his career, Anil used to drive autorickshaws to earn money in Delhi However, after 1995, he became infamous for targeting old and new Maruti 800 cars. He used to steal the vehicles and sell them to different parts of India, and even Nepal.

Amassing Wealth, Having 3 Wives

Eventually, he moved to Assam and started residing there. With his new notoriety and wealth, he bought properties, and even married three women, with whom he has seven children. Despite having multiple cases against him, he had become a government contractor in Assam, and had been in touch with the local MLAs there.


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